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Android keyboard typing wrong letters – Reason and Solution

Android keyboard typing wrong letters
Written by khubaib

Are you searching for the guideline on the android keyboard typing wrong letters?. We know, how curious are you on finding out the solution of your android keyboard typing wrong letting, missing characters, etc.

Here is the Solution:

  • go to phone setting > applications > app info
    > Android Keyboard option > storage
  • click on clear data

It becomes so frustrating When you are working or making an important email and then your keyboard starts typing wrong letters, skipping important characters, not only makes you angry but also wastes your time.

Keyboards are mostly used in Chatting apps, during programming and coding by IT students, Searching in Google and Youtube, etc.

This article is based on steps and solutions that help everyone to overcome this frustrating and time-consuming problem. Adopting one of the solutions given in this guide helps you to overcome this problem.

We can’t afford this issue, the causes of this issue are so many. The biggest is the junk we download so much data from different websites. Some are unauthorized websites, this causes so much junk to our mobile phones, this junk not just causes lag issues but also generates this typing problem.


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Steps on android keyboard typing wrong letters

Solution 1, Clear junk and cache from your keyboard

The first solution is to clear junk and cache from the keyboard, sometimes this junk makes your android keyboard typing wrong letters. The solution consists of four steps.


The first step is to go to your phone settings, select the applications and notifications option after selecting this option, click on application info.


After selecting application info then click on the three dots that appear on the top right hand of your screen. Select show system settings.




After selecting show system settings, click on the Android Keyboard option. After clicking on this option, Select the storage option.


After selecting storage, click on the clear data option, after clearing data now click on clear cache. This clear method helps to clear all the junk which might be the problem of the android keyboard typing wrong letters.

Solution 2, Customize your phone’s keyboard features

If your android keyboard is typing wrong letters, sometimes customizing the keyboard helps to overcome this problem. This solution has the following few steps.


The first step is to go to the settings. Select the system, after the selection goes to languages and input.


The second step is to select the keyboard and inputs after selecting this option, select your mobile’s keyboard.


The third step is text correction or maybe in your phone it is saved as auto-replace auto spacing or in some phones it is saved as an autofill option.


Now disable this text correction or auto spacing option, sometimes disabling these options help to overcome the android keyboard typing wrong letters problem.

Solution 3, Install a new keyboard

The second solution to install a new keyboard consists of two steps.


The first step is to go to the play store and after signing your google ID, search for the new keyboard.


Select anyone and then Install The best-rated keyboard such as the Microsoft Softkey keyboard. Installing a new keyboard helps you to solve your android typing wrong letters problem. The best new keyboard makes your typing experience amazing.

Solution 4, Change your input language

After trying the above method, if you still face the android typing wrong letters problem then try this solution as well. This solution consists of the following steps.


The first step to solving this android typing wrong letters problem is to go to your mobile settings and after opening settings, go to the system option and then click it.


After selecting the system option, go to the languages and input option and click it. After clicking this option, click on the virtual keyboard option. 


The final step of this solution after selecting the virtual keyboard is to select your phone’s keyboard. After this selection, a new option named Turn off languages appears, turning off the languages you don’t use. 

Sometimes this option generates this android typing wrong letters problem.

Solution 5, Perform a factory reset

The last step to overcome this problem is this solution. First, try the above options most probably your issue will be resolved but if not then do this final solution. The biggest pro of this option is that it helps to clean all junk files, cache, and unnecessary data. 

These junk files make your phone slow and also cause lag issues but do remember after trying this option all your data will be deleted including applications, settings, etc so make sure to try the above options and save your data to a google account or on any other storage device or mediums.


The first step to reset your android phone is to go to your phone settings. After settings go to the system option.


The second step after selecting the option of the system is to click on the Reset option. 


Clicking on the reset option helps to clear all the unnecessary storage of your phone by deleting all your applications, settings.

You need to download all your applications again and also need to change settings everything from the fresh.

Conclusion for the android keyboard typing wrong letters

This article is about the solutions to a very common problem, which is android typing the wrong letter. Many times we face this irritating problem now when mobile phones become our whole world for education to entertainment we are dependent on our phones.

If you are the victim of this problem, then you can try the first important thing which is to clear junk, this option does not guarantee you to solve this problem but at least it cleans your junk files. After clearing junk, you can try the keyboard customization feature, sometimes customization helps to solve this typing issue.

If customization does not work, then install a new top-rated keyboard from Google. It is another solution for this problem. You can even try to change the input language.

After trying all of these options, Reset your phone as this helps to clear all your data, your junk files, cache even settings but before reset make sure to save your data.

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