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Best android tablet for Mavic pro, suggested by our team

Best android tablet for Mavic pro
Written by khubaib

The DJI Mavic Pro is probably the best robot at present accessible available and a typical inquiry from new Mavic Pro proprietors is the thing that are the advantages of a tablet versus a telephone for the Mavic Pro just as what is the best android tablet for Mavic pro to distant regulator. On the off chance that you conclude that a tablet is the most ideal decision there are some extraordinary tablet alternatives accessible which you can use to control the Mavic Pro. We’ve attempted various tablets with our Mavic and this is our rundown of the best android tablets for the DJI Mavic Pro robot. We’ve laid out the advantages and disadvantages of each to assist you with picking the best table for your Mavic Pro.

Mobile phones vs best android tablet for Mavic pro:

Utilizing a tablet with the Mavic Pro far-off regulator brings benefits around permeability, battery life, and screen size while telephones are frequently more compact and promptly accessible. We utilize a mix of telephone and table when flying our Mavic Pro: we discover the telephone the most ideal decision when we need to set up quick and catch some fast film yet we incline toward the table when we’re out flying our Mavic Pro for longer periods or catching an objective film. 


  • greater screen size 
  • better permeability of the flying territory 
  • committed tablet regulator eliminates pressures on telephone stockpiling and battery 
  • the quality looks like the last film all the more intently 
  • Independent tablet buy is an extra expense 
  • The amount furnished with the default regulator just fits telephones up to 6.3-crawls in stature meaning some table require an extra connector to be bought 
  • wi-fi tablets have restrictions so cell chip might be necessary


WIFI or Cellular Tablet:

While picking a tablet you should pick between a Wi-Fi and a cell tablet. We lean toward a cell table because of the underneath limits which we’ve experienced with wi-fi tablets: 


  • No GPS: Most Wi-Fi-just gadgets need GPS which is a significant bother when flying your robot. GPS is required by your Mavic Pro: some Mavic Pro fly modes (eg Follow-me mode) will not work with the DJI GO application without GPS 
  • Guides: you should reserve your guide region before you leave a Wi-Fi source as your guides will not work without admittance to cell information on a Wi-Fi-just gadget. This is a major issue for us as, when we’re voyaging, we don’t frequently have the foggiest idea of what guides to save before our flights. 
  • Tying: With cell tablets, you can interface with the web anyplace, anyway with Wi-Fi gadgets you should tie to your telephone while you fly.

Best tablet for Mavic pro enlisted below:

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The Apple iPad Mini 4 is best just the most ideal choice for a tablet for your  DJI Mavic Pro robot and is the tablet we go after with our Mavic Pro. It’s the ideal equilibrium of size, cost, and includes and the unwavering quality of the iPad Mini with the DJI GO application is unmatched. As we would see it you will not track down a superior tablet for your Mavic Pro than the Apple iPad Mini 4.

Fortunately, that’s not it; having such you could even use the tab to play different popular games including osu. However, like any other game, you’ll have to set up the tablet for osu before start playing it.

  • Generally viewed as the best tablet for the Mavic Pro
  • Dependable similarity with the DJI Go application
  • Very slight and reduced to load with the Mavic Pro
  • Splendid screen for survey in direct daylight
  • Great battery life
  • Doesn’t need a sum
  • slightly expensive

The Wi-Fi + cell form is our most suggested as you’ll have GPS capacity for flying your Mavic Pro. The 16GB adaptation will turn out great and is sufficient capacity for most robot clients. On the off chance that you need more stockpiling or need to keep a bigger reserve of robot film on your tablet then we suggest the bigger 64GB and 128GB renditions of the iPad Mini 4


The best android tablet for Mavic Pro is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. While the S2 had a few issues with the DJI GO App the S3 enhances the past model and we didn’t encounter any issues with the DJI Go App. The expandable memory (up to 256GB) through a microSD card is a major benefit over the iPad Mini The S pen pointer is truly outstanding available and the incorporation of GPS makes this an extraordinary option in contrast to the iPad Mini – check costs now! 

  • Less expensive than the iPad Mini (when contrasted with the Wifi + cell 16GB adaptation)
  • A pleasant splendid screen which is useful for utilizing in daylight
  • Can utilize the expandable miniature SD card (up to 256GB) for modest additional capacity on your tablet
  • Quicker handling power contrasted and different tablets on this rundown
  • S Pen pointer is helpful and really functions admirably
  • 9.7-inch tablet so bigger for hefting around and heavier than the iPad Mini
  • Runs on android which isn’t just about as solid as iOs – albeit this has improved with ongoing forms of the DJI Go application
  • Battery life is more limited than the iPad Mini


A new update to the enormously mainstream Nexus 7, the Nexus 9  best android tablet for Mavic pro has a brilliant 8.9″ inch screen and superfast NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. This tablet works extraordinary with the DJI Go application and the included GPS usefulness functions admirably with the Mavic – check costs now! 

  • Brilliant 8.9″ inch IPS screen
  • Quick processor: NVIDIA Tegra K1 2.3 GHz x64 Processor
  • 16 GB Flash Memory and 2 GB RAM Memory the Nexus 9 has heaps of rams
  • Great development
  • Wi-fi just with no cell choice
  • No expandable stockpiling

The NVidia Shield K1 is another best android tablet for Mavic pro and a tablet that has been utilized broadly by drone clients on other DJI robots like the Phantom arrangement. With cell and wifi included as standard and a very brilliant screen, the K1 is an incredible round tablet. One of the greatest selling focuses is that it has an HDMI out port which permits you to associate FPV goggles to your regulator permitting FPV flying with your Mavic Pro – check costs now! 

  • Very brilliant 4k UHD show screen which is extraordinary for utilizing during direct daylight
  • HDMI port which permits you to interface your FPV goggles
  • Can utilize the expandable miniature SD card for economical additional capacity on your tablet
  • Quicker preparing power contrasted and different tablets on this rundown
  • Less expensive than the iPad Mini!
  • Runs on android which isn’t pretty much as dependable as iOs – albeit this has improved with late forms of the DJI Go application
  • Heavier than the iPad Mini
  • Battery life is more limited than the iPad Mini


Eventually, we accept we’ve expressed all you may require to know with regards to working your DJI Mavic Pro with best android tablet for Mavic pro. Along these lines, to sum up: 

DJI Mavic Pro works with tablets with regards to programming support, however, with regards to specialized deceit, you will require an extra connector that will permit you to mount it fittingly. A large portion of you are presumably thinking “however wow, that will make my regulator excessively awkward and I will not have the option to hold it… ” While that was my essential worry too, I can guarantee you that is not an issue by any means. The solid carbon fibre structure secures in position on the lower part of your regulator (in the position where you would regularly mount your cell phone) and goes right above it, calibrating the whole weight making it adjusted. All things considered, I’d prefer to thank you for perusing this article and the expectation that I’ve assisted you with your issues!


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