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Best android tablet under 400$

Best android tablet under 400

In this article, we’ll discuss the best android tablet under 400. In the last couple of years, there has been great advancement in the field of technology. Due to this, the tablets have evolved as well… from bulky to slim and portable gadgets!

Digitalization has evolved the world very much and raised the demand for these tablets in the market. But you might stun that all of this happened very fast; this isn’t a story of centuries these developments that we’ve witnessed – only based on a couple of years.

However with the advancement now you got more options available in the market to get the best android tablet under 400. Though before buying a tablet you must know your requirements or needs. As the prices of the tablet available in the market vary with the requirements.

At the same time, there is also a debate that Apple is far better than Android. Well for me it’s like Trex is stronger than Big Foot or Facebook search engine is better than Chrome.

Again it’s all useless talks you could get effective results even on Android tablets only if you know the — basic requirements.

Buying Guide For The Best Android Tablet Under 400

Well buying a tablet isn’t an easy task anymore. Especially if the market is filled with plenty of options. Under this scenario, you need to be aware of the basic requirements you’re looking for in the best android tablet under 400.


While buying an android tablet you need to carefully analyze its resolution. Especially if you want an android tablet for graphics such as playing videos games or watching movies day and night.

Either way, you can’t afford to get stuck with an android tablet having a third-class resolution; as it’ll impact every aspect of operation whether you want to read documents or watch pictures… you simply can’t miss out on this!

Screen Size

The screen size of an android also matters a lot. For instance, an android tablet that has a small screen size will make it difficult for you to perform different tasks. Such as reading or writing documents or watching images.


Today tablets are considered more like gadgets; you like to use where ever you go. In that case, the android tablet must be portable to use. So you could take it anywhere you want… whenever you want!


Any tablet is incomplete without a melodious and effective sound. Especially when it comes to watching movies, TV shows, videos, or playing any popular game.


Different android tablets in the market offer a different range of connectivity options. Some of them only offer Wifi connections while others offer only cellular and Bluetooth connections.

At the same, you might find android tablets that offer Wifi, cellular and Bluetooth options in one device.

Top 5 Best Android Tablet Under 400

The android tablets are multi-purpose devices and could be used for different tasks. Plus the prices of Android tablets are also very low as compared to those sparky iPads.

So whether you want to watch movies, TV shows with your friends and family or to attend a zoom meeting android tablet could do all that for you.

At the same time, the android tablets mentioned in this section could be taken on a road or camping trip to record fabulous moments.






Google Pixel Slate 

Editors Choice


Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E 


Acer Chrome R11 


Huawei MateBook 


Microsoft Surface Go 

1. Google Pixel Slate (Best Display You Ever Have)

Google Pixel Slate

While using the tablet you’ll be able to access some of the premium features as well… usually found in expensive tablets only!

Here you might be shocked to know that the price of the tablet isn’t as same as those expensive and shiny tablets. You could easily get it as a Christmas present for your loved ones… without even breaking into the bank!

The performance offered by the tablet could be compared with the iPad and Surface Pro. Though Google is a well-known brand around the world still performance can’t be compared with Apple.


Storage 64GB
Camera Rear- 8MP | Front-8MP
Battery Life 10 hours
Display 12.3’’ Retina display with 3000 x 2000
Weight 1.6 lbs
Processor 8th Gen Intel Core m3 processor

Enables you to experience the best picture quality

Unlike others, the tablet also offers an impressive display — Thanks to its molecular display technology. This will take the display quality to the next level by making it sharper and enabling you to experience the best picture quality.

Purely made for multi-taskers

Like a few other tablets, it could also be used for multiple tasks at a time by using its split-screen feature – proved to be purely made for multi-taskers.

2 in 1 design

The best part about the tablet is that you could either use it as a tablet or a laptop all because of its 2 in 1 design… Simply by using the detachable keyboard!

Supports Pen as well

The tablet also comes with a supported pen that could be used especially for taking down notes. Although the games can be laggy and full of glitches.

Solid battery life than you have used ever before

You won’t even have to stand next to the socket board all day long to use it while it’s recharging; as it offers a solid battery life than you have used ever before.

So if you can’t spare a free time to recharge it after every few minutes then it’ll be an ideal companion for you. Just recharged it once and use it for up to 12 hours without any hassle!

Outstanding Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are one of the biggest issues you could come across in most android tablets. Luckily while using the tablet you’ll witness outstanding privacy and security through its fingerprint feature.

Final Thought!

The features whether premium or basic have forced us to accept it as the best android tablet under 400. So if you’re looking for an ideal tablet that can fulfill all your requirements under a limited budget then you won’t like to miss the chance to lay your hands on this one.

  • Meticulously Designed Device with a large display
  • Touch Friendly
  • Hours of Battery life
  • Powerful Cameras
  • Expensive
  • Accessories not included

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E (Exceptional Audio & Video)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

The Samsung tablets are around in the tablet market for such a long time. While the products launched by them are also much better and improved than the last ones.

This could be observed in the Samsungs most up-to-date product such as Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E.


Storage 64GB SSD storage
Camera Rear- 13MP | Front-8MP
Battery Life 15 hours
Display 10.5’’ AMOLED Display
Weight 0.88 lbs
Processor Dual 2.0GHz + Hexa 1.7GHz

The price might sound crazy to you

Unlike other android tablets, it offers tons of stunning features at such a reasonable price. So the price might sound crazy to you.

Plus it offers an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor along with a Dual 2GHz. While the Hexa 1.7GHz CPU boots up the tablet performance to the next level.

On the other hand, you could easily separate personal and business data while using it believe me… it’ll be like having two phones in the segment of the best android tablet under 400!

So after having such a variety of features at such a reasonable price it might sound crazy to anyone.

Don’t get lost while using it

While using the tablet you might also get lost while using it; as it offers 10.5 inches AMOLED display, 2560 x 1600 high resolution, and a screen ratio of 16:10.

You might feel you’re there… But you aren’t!

The results of its 13MP front camera and 8MP rear camera will give a splendid result. So while attending a zoom meeting, watching videos or images. You might feel you’re there… But you aren’t!

Final Thought!

The tablet is perfect to use for any task making it a multi-purpose tablet. Plus as an up-to-date device, it could be declared as the best android tablet under 400.

Although the overall performance of the tablet is quite remarkable but not as compatible as Samsung Tab S6. Still, it stands as an ideal device enabled with some basic and advanced features.

  • Excellent display
  • Dex Support
  • Exceptional Audio
  • Battery mileage
  • No HDR support
  • No audio jack

3. Acer Chrome R11 (Innovative 2 in 1 design)

Acer Chrome R11

Unlike other brands, the Acer and Samsung brands are known for their innovative approach; as they were the first ones that bought out the Chrome OS tablets.


Storage 32GB eMMC storage
Camera 720p webcam
Battery Life 9 hours
Display 11.6’’ Retina display 3000 x 2000
Weight 2.8 lbs
Processor 2.48GHz Celeron N3060

Stunning body with a gorgeous display

While using the tablet you’ll also witness an appealing and stunning body having volume buttons at one side with a smooth texture body.

Plus the tablet also has an 11.6 inches screen with an average resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Though the resolution is a bit low still the images and videos watched on the tablet might be surprising to you; as it fulfills almost every need.

Run time is exceptionally impressive

The tablet also offers a 9 hours long-lasting battery; it might not seem to be exciting to you. Still, the run time is exceptionally impressive at such a reasonable price.

Super Rotatable Screen Panel

Though most of the features of the tablet are very much mediocre to you. You’ll be shocked to know the tablet also offers a super rotatable screen panel – having a 360o rotating angle.

Don’t lose your mind after seeing the RAM & Storage

There are very few tablets that offer huge internal storage and large RAM at such a reasonable price. So don’t lose your mind after seeing the RAM and storage of the tablet; as it offers an internal storage of 32GB and a RAM of 4GB.

It’s smoother than you thought!

The performance of the tablet is also very smooth as well — Thanks to its ARM dual-core OPI RK3399 processor with ARM Mail-T864 graphics.

So while using any heavy graphics app on the tablet… you’ll find that it’s smoother than you thought!

Wacom Pen with natural frail for writing

Unlike other tablets, it offers a Wacom Pen with a natural frail for writing and working. This will allow you to match daily work patterns.

Final Thought!

The tablet is quite exceptional in every way whether its display, battery life, or overall performance. Although the features of the tablet have no match with other expensive tablets still worth a try at such a reasonable price.

  • Highly responsive touch screen
  • Portable
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Good build quality
  • Converts from a laptop to a kiosk to a tablet
  • Chrome OS isn’t touch-optimized
  • A bit pricey
  • Not a high-end performance
  • Noisy webcam photos

4. Huawei MateBook (Vibrant Color Display)

Huawei MateBook

The tablet is purely made for the users looking for a tablet with a complete package of force, compactness, and profitability.

Plus the tablet would also prove to be a smart ally for the users; as it offers a superior metal body, slim bezel, and a display of 12 inches @ a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. This allows the tablet to show exact hues to its users.


Storage 128GB SSD
Camera Rear 5MP webcam
Battery Life 10 hours
Display 12’’ Retina display 2160 x 1440
Weight 1.4 lbs
Processor Intel Core M5 Procesor

The display is out of this world

While using the tablet you would find its display out of this world. Thanks to its retina display technology with a 12 inches screen and 2160 x 1440 pixels resolution. So whenever you start using it you’ll have a density of 216 pixels per inch.

As you can see the pixel density you’ll be having per inch is between somewhere TabPro S and Surface Pro 4 tablets. So this won’t prove to be… a bad deal after all!

Empowers you to flawlessly open diverse documents

The tablet also empowers you to flawlessly open diverse documents; as it offers a sixth-generation intel center m5 processor. This will give you a speedy performance even if you let some of the apps open in the background.

Slack free execution

Another factor separating the best android tablet under 400 from others is its slack-free execution — Thanks to its 128GB of SSD and 4GB RAM.

Progressively awesome look

The tablet also has an appealing lightweight, straightforward, and smooth, design that gives it a progressively awesome look… you can’t even imagine!

Final Thought!

The tablet is the true example of quality and performance you can’t have in other tablets – especially at such a reasonable price. Thanks to its super large internal storage, exceptional RAM, and design.

  • Good keyboard
  • Good price
  • Powerful performance
  • Can play most 3D games
  • Nvidia MX150 GPU included in the top-tier model
  • Combo fingerprint reader/power button
  • Compact design with 3:2 display
  • Comes with a free dongle that included ethernet and extra ports
  • No USB-A ports
  • The screen is a bit dim
  • Muffled, tiny sound
  • Only two configs
  • Short battery life
  • Crazy loud fans

5. Microsoft Surface Go (Easy & Accurate Note Taking)

Microsoft Surface Go


Unlike other tablets, it’s a new induct to the tablet market willing to bring a new evolution of its kind. Plus while using the tablet you could easily convert it into a laptop as well; so it’ll be more like a two-in-one device to you.


Storage 64GB
Camera Rear- 8MP webcam
Battery Life 9 hours
Display 10’’ Retina display 1800 x 1200
Weight 1.15 lbs
Processor Intel®Pentium® Gold Processor 4415Y

Don’t need to break into the bank

The best part with the tablet is that you won’t have to break into the bank just for the sake to buy it. You could easily buy the tablet at such a reasonable price you can’t even imagine.

The pen might feel lightweight & natural to you

With tons of functionalities, the tablet also comes with a Pen might feel lightweight and natural to you – while you’re holding it.

No chance of accidentally drawn strokes

Plus while drawing with the pen there would be no chance of accidentally drawn strokes; as it has 4096 pressure points capable to respond even at the slightest touch. While the tilt of the pen will shade like a pencil.

Super light while holding

The overall weight of the tablet is also quite light. So you could take it even on an adventure based on a hard track.

Unbelievable Compatibility

Tough all the features of the tablet are quite remarkable but still you’ll be stunned by its unbelievable compatibility.

Easily detachable keyboard

Unlike other tablets, it offers an easily detachable keyboard. So you could use it either as a tablet or as a laptop — Thanks to its two-in-one design.

Support almost every Windows App

As the tablet comes with the latest operating system of Windows 10. You could easily download and start using any Windows App. While the 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD allow you to use the apps comprehensibly.

Final Thought!

Though there are different tablets in the market. But the Microsoft Surface Go is now considered a sign of evolution among tablets. But unfortunately, the tablet is operated by Windows which isn’t preferred by most users. Still, the tablet has all the required specs to declare it the best android tablet under 400.

  • Reasonable price
  • USB Type-A port
  • Comfortable touchpad and keyboard
  • Attractive styling and excellent build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple color options
  • No face recognition camera or keyboard backlighting
  • Middling audio quality
  • Less then 1080p display
  • Internal storage tops out at 256GB


After exploring the overall article you definitely won’t like to miss out on the chance to lay your hands on the Google pixel slate; as it offers some extraordinary features you’ll find only in premium tablets.

While Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E could prove to be an exceptional alternative for you after the Google pixel slate. In the end, Acer Chrome R11 could be the last choice… you wanna go for!