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Enjoy your reading with the best tablet for reading magazines

best tablet for reading magazines

We are all living in the digital world now, our whole life is being circulated digital devices, it’s like our mini-world, they can do everything we can imagine. The world is changing as now people prefer to read online than carrying a book or magazines. For reading magazines or books, E-Reading tablets have been ruling the market globally.

Well, there are so many reasons to consider an E-Reader over a traditional tablet. E-Readers have a small and compact design with an easy-on-eyes display that doesn’t harm our eyes, moreover, you can also store as many as 1000 books at a time, However, if you like the idea of using your tablets for reading comics as well as for watching videos or browsing the web.

Are you searching for the best tablet for reading magazines then you are at the right place my friends, some good options are given below for making your search easier.

Buying guide for the best tablet for reading magazines

Screen and size

E-Readers have an amazing feature of E Ink screens for displaying texts. E Ink just looks like paper and feels easy on the eyes like no eye strain problem while having longer sessions of reading.

On not so expensive models, the display is not backlit, meaning you will need an external light source to read texts, just like when you need to read a printed book, while some high-end models also have featured a display with LED edge lighting with which you can adjust the brightness of panel according to your desires and needs, so you can use the tablet outdoor as well. 

In case if you are choosing to buy one of the traditional tablets for reading magazines then you will need to suffer from distracting reflections as they don’t come with a glare-free display like E-Readers. However, these traditional tablets do offer some cool colorful screens.

This means you will be able to read more than just a book like magazines and comic books. For a good reasonable option, we have the Amazon Fire 7 tablet, the best tablet for reading magazines, watching videos, and also browsing the web.

Waterproof tablet

Another feature to consider when buying a tablet is that If you would like to read by a pool or sea, then you must need to consider buying a Waterproof tablet, and even none of the E-Readers from Kindle’s lineup especially provide you with a Waterproof resistivity. However, we have two E-Readers on our list, Kobo Aura One and Barnes & Noble Nook which are water-resistant with HZO Protection™ IPX8

Connectivity And accessibility

An E-Reader with cellular connectivity will enable you to download and buy books from anywhere or to read, which comes available in most of the expensive models, whereas budget E-Readers only offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

An E-Reader with only Wi-Fi connectivity should work fine for you if you don’t mind waiting or until you are at home or have a hotspot nearby. For any best tablet for reading magazines, it is necessary to have access to different reading websites and applications.


If you have quite a low budget then you should go with the base model of Amazon Kindle which is priced at starting from $80. and windows priced tablets under $300

For most people, it has got all the necessary features and fulfills all their needs. However, the more you spend the more features you will get, in-built LED lighting with a high-resolution screen, and comes with more battery life.

Also the charging cover with cellular connectivity, and much more options to explore. While, if you wish to buy a traditional tablet then you will have a lot of good options for reading purposes which can also complete your other everyday requirements.

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Kindle – Now with a Built-in Front Light – Black – Ad-Supported (Amazon’s E-Ink Pearl technology)


Kindle Oasis – Now with adjustable warm light – Ad-Supported (Anti-glare display)


BOOX Note2 10.3 E-Ink Tablet Paper (Battery Life of about four weeks)


Fire 7 tablet (best tablet for reading magazines)


2019 Apple iPad Mini (compact design)


2020 Apple iPad (Apple pencil support)

Kindle – Now with a Built-in Front Light – Black – Ad-Supported (Amazon’s E-Ink Pearl technology)

Kindle - Now with a Built-in Front Light - Black - Ad-Supported

Amazon’s Kindle series of tablets are renowned globally such as digital books, for your convenience and features it offers for reading lovers.

Students need to read for a longer span of time, especially the medical student’s tablets would love this tablet by Amazon. This device is one of the latest in the Kindle series and is built elegantly to fit in the palm.

The device has a weight of around 174 grams making it one of the lightest devices in the segment, very easy to carry. It has a 6-inch glare-free display with Amazon’s E-Ink Pearl technology for an enhanced and better viewing experience.

The tablet comes with 16-level grey scales, which helps the readers to adjust the color brightness accordingly while reading. hence it is the best tablet for reading magazines.

Speaking about other specifications, it is powered by 4GB on-device storage, which can be further expanded through cloud storage.

The device also comes with access to Amazon’s huge content of ebooks like you have access to so many books, which is such a good gift to any magazine reader. The tablet comes with other different connectivity features such as W-Fi and it also supports WPA and WPA2 for authentication.

On a single charge, the device can stay juiced up for 4 weeks, which is phenomenal considering the usage, i.e reading books or taking notes on OneNote on your tablet.

All in all, this is considered to be an ideal device if you wanna free yourself or fade up from carrying a bundle of books along with you.

  • Glare-Free Display
  • Brightness Adjustable
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Audible Bluetooth Headsets
  • Does not support a lot of features
  • No charging cover
  • No waterproof

Kindle Oasis – Now with adjustable warm light – Ad-Supported (Anti-glare display)

Kindle Oasis – Now with adjustable warm light – Ad-Supported

This is considered as one of the highly-specced devices from the Kindle series which comes with physical buttons which is easy to manage the device while using.

The device has a 6-inch high-resolution anti-glare display which comes with brightness levels to accommodate reading. The device comes with tons of ebooks’ access from the Kindle store, and to store them offline, it also comes with 8GB of onboard storage.

The device also comes with free cloud storage to store your favorite books. The tablet comes with a hump on the back, which provides you with an additional grip to carry around while providing you with a premium look as well.

Kindle Oasis has been a best-seller globally and it comes with WiFi and 3G connectivity options. These reading-specific series of tablets from Kindle are globally renowned and are the global-best sellers.

The reason being for their popularity, their powerful specs, and long-lasting battery backup, which lasts over weeks on a single charge. These features make this device the best tablet for reading magazines.

  • Paperwhite Display
  • Adjustable Warm Light
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Page Turn Buttons
  • Pricey
  • Out of stock

BOOX Note2 10.3 E-Ink Tablet Paper (Battery Life of about four weeks)

 BOOX Note2 10.3 E-Ink Tablet ePaper, Android 9.0,Front Light, Fingerprint Recognition, 5GHz WiFi, OTG Capacity E-Reader

It is a unique tablet in the E-readers industry. It has much to offer other than just reading magazines. This product comes with Built-in-Light which supports E Ink Screen also for page-turning, the screen is also touched.

The display is about 10.3 glare-free with a resolution of about 1872 X 1404 Pixels Higher with DPI Display. It is connected with a USB Type – C with a battery life of about four weeks.

The not-so-amazing features are that it does not have a charging cover and is also not waterproof.

This device has Bluetooth so that you can listen to your favorite music audiobooks. The tablet is powered by a 2 GHz octa-core processor paired with 4 GB Ram and 64 GB storage.

  • Based on Android
  • It Supports Stylus
  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Built-in Features
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • No charging cover
  • No waterproof

Fire 7 tablet (best tablet for reading magazines)

Fire 7 tablet (7

This Fire tablet is considered a multipurpose device with different useful specifications and features to accommodate most of the everyday usage and requirements.

In addition to that, it comes with the Kindle store’s access which helps to download, store, and read all your favorite ebooks on the go or wherever you want.

The tablet comes in a varied color option to choose from including thack, Twilight Blue, Plum, Sage. The device gets fully charged in about 2 hours and is expected to deliver 8 hours of reading including surfing the web and also watching the movie offline and listening to music.

All in all, this tablet is ideal for every user, who needs a reading device and a device to handle most of their daily essentials and requirements to give productivity. If battery life is your main concern then it is actually the best tablet for reading magazines.

  • Hands-Free with Alexa
  • 2x Storage
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi
  • 7 Hours Battery Life
  • Discover over 570,000 Applications
  • Little bit pricey
  • Lag Issue

2019 Apple iPad Mini (compact design)

2019 Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Silver

Apple iPad mini 4 as the name itself suggests that it is the latest and a rather compact edition in the Apple’s iPad Mini series.

Accordingly, the tablet comes with a very compact design and weighs just close to 10 ounces. The device supports a 7.9-inch Retina display which is beautifully crafted to perfection in terms of providing excellent viewing angles.

The screen resolution of the tablet is 2048×1536 pixels. Under the hood, the device is powered by a Hexa-Core A12 Bionic with Quad-Core Apple Graphics technology paired with 3GB of RAM and a massive 64GB / 256GB of great storage.

On the imaging front another feature, the device comes with an 8 MP iSight camera to capture the moments with clarity and vision.

The iPad gets charged from 0 to 100 in under 2 hours and can deliver over 10 hours of continuous usage which provides you tensionless excess. The form factor, the weight, and the beautiful display, and an excellent battery backup are the primary reasons to consider Apple’s iPad Mini which is an ideal choice for reading magazines.

  • A12 Bionic Chip Technology
  • Touch ID
  • Stereo Speakers with retina Display with True-Tone
  • Supports Cellular
  • Need to upgrade to new features
  • Complicated for non-apple users

2020 Apple iPad (Apple pencil support)

 2020 Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB) - Space Gray (8th Generation)

If you have been searching for a reading tablet that can fulfill your other daily requirement, this iPad is just for you. It offers you a complete package for any basic to medium power user.

It has an excellent screen and has great battery life for reading magazines, it has a fast processor for working, and it comes with an LTE option to stay connected to the Internet and people all the time.

On the front, you are getting a 10.2″ Retina IPS LCD which is quite big thanks to sufficient screen space. The texts appear super sharp and clear and also crispy so long reading sessions will be super productive, thanks to its 264ppi.

It also supports Night Shift to reduce eye strain. The display gets super bright and colorful so that outdoor visibility is great on the iPad, and it also gets dim as you would expect it to be at night time. It also comes with Apple pencil support

As far as performance is concerned, the iPad houses an A12 Bionic chip under the hood that offers a great combination of performance and efficiency.

It also comes with keyboard cover support that gives sufficient power without draining much battery life by limiting the background processes that are no longer needed.

Overall, the iPad 2020 is an excellent tablet to buy for reading magazines or browsing the web as it ticks all the boxes to become a perfect all-purpose tablet. Well, modern features like these make this device the best tablet for reading magazines especially.

  • A12 Bionic Chip Technology
  • Apple-Pencil Support
  • Keyboard Cover Support
  • Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • Night Shift Display
  • It does not support pencil 2 technology
  • It is mostly out of stock

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We are living in the digital age, mobiles, tablets, laptops are now part of our lives. Purchasing a good tablet or any digital device is considered an investment.

The reading culture has changed its medium from carrying a hard book to a tablet. As a table can store thousands of books which means you do not need to carry books with you anymore.

A digital device is like an investment as the device can let you dive into the world of digital. From browsing the web to reading books, a tablet can fulfill all requirements of your daily life.

Before buying a tablet it is very important to follow the proper buying to make your buy worth it. The best options according to research, comparisons, features, the Fire 7 tablet is considered as the best tablet for reading magazines especially considering its price.

It is an all-rounder tablet that is capable of doing all your budget and if you are a fan of Apple products or if you want to invest in an Apple tablet then you can go for Apple iPad 2020 it comes with apple pencil support also with A 12 chip technology.