Best Tablets For Engineers

Best Tablets For Engineers

Engineering students can now complete their tasks conveniently with technology gadgets. They now hunt for the piece through which they can make drawings and AutoCAD work with ease. On the other hand, tablets are a blessing for an engineer as compare to computers and laptops.

At the same time, the engineers, architectures, and realtors, or real state agents also need to present the presentation. Like we discussed in the tablets for realtors or real state agents.

The main reason behind it is that tablets are more portable, faster, and lightweight as compare to computers and laptops. Therefore best tablets for engineers help an engineer to work with more ease. 

There are different kinds of tasks that can be done through tablets like making documents, take online classes, work with AutoCAD and watch tutorials. Moreover, the high technology gadget such as tablets has high-quality features.

This includes a top-quality resolution along with premium-quality speakers. Therefore the engineers can also play games or watching movies if they want.

Buying guide for the best tablets for Engineers

It could be quite challenging for choosing the best tablets for engineers in the market. Especially if there are so many tablets available in the market. So it is very important to keep in mind the requirements before choosing a tablet. Therefore you must check the required features so that the tablet would work smoothly under your use.

1. Internal Specs

Engineer students need drawing apps and software to draw structures and designs. For this reason, you should prefer a tablet with high internal specs.

Consider the processor with more than 1.3 GHz, RAM of at least 2 GB while it should support 32 GB storage capacity. It would be ideal if the tablet has a slot for USB and a microSD card.

2. Battery Life

Never compromise on the battery life of the tablet. Make sure the device you are going to buy must ensure long battery hours. It is important as in university you will not get aces to the charger all the time. So, try to buy a tablet having a battery life of more than 8 hours.

3. Screen Quality

The screen size and resolution should also be favorable. Try to pick up the tablet with AMOLED, retina, or IPS display technology. Moreover, the size must be more than 8 inches so you can work on a tablet and make drawings without getting strain on your eyes.

Furthermore, if the tablet has an anti-glare feature then it will be a plus point as you don’t feel irritation. Also, you can use it under bright sunlight.

4. Connectivity Features

The best tablets for engineers are those supporting both Wifi and data connection. Maybe you do not get wifi access all the time. So spend some extra money so you can immediately connect to the internet where there is no wifi connection.

These are few features you should look to buy the tablets for engineering work. If you don’t want to do such surveys but want to buy any recommended one then have a look at top-rated tablets for engineers.

Top 5 Best Tablets For Engineers

So like we discussed in the buying guide before choosing a tablet the engineers need to keep in mind that what are there requirements?

So based on these requirements engineers need to evaluate every tablet’s features and select the one that best suits their needs. This part is very important because if the engineer won’t evaluate each tablet correctly then the money paid on a purchase would be a waste for him.






Apple iPad


Microsoft Surface Pro 7


Lenovo Flex 14


Lenovo Miix 630


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

1. Apple iPad – Ideal for Engineers

Apple iPad

Apple iPad is the brand that delivers quality and tugs the heartstrings of college students because of its premium features. The device with not only a slick look, metallic composition satisfy the user but fast performance also help it to stand out among the crowd.

Apple iPad is one of the best tablets for engineers as it is equipped with an A10 Fusion chip with 128 Built-in storage capacity. You can conveniently perform any heavy-duty task. Either you want to make drawings, design, or want to take a class on Zoom, you will find no freezing issue on the tablet.

Doing a site visit is also useful with this tablet as the 8MP rear camera allows you to take images of the site with details. Moreover, the tablet is capable of making 1080HD videos as well as it can be a blessing for you during your online classes or meetings.

The battery life is also favorable. You can use it for ten hours for doing any activity. If the usage is minimal then it can give backup for two to three days.

Lastly, the 10.2-inch screen with the retina display undoubtedly provides the sharpest view. Either you want to watch movies, edit a post or draw a circuit on the sharp screen with delivers clear details of each aspect.

  • 10 hours battery time

  • Fast processing

  • 10.2-inch screen with retina display

  • Expensive

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Keyboard supported

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Another outclass and equally fine tablet for engineering students but ease on your pocket is Microsoft Surface Pro 6. The tablet with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 and a screen size of 12.3 inches is awesome for your university work.

The next-generation best-in-class tablet comes with a retina display to deliver complete details and a clear view. You can enjoy making drawings, using software, and watching movies.

The fast processing Surface Pro 7 is the 10th generation tablet that comes with an intel core processor, with 4GB of RAM. Both these specs make it ideal for writing, drawing, watching, and playing. 

Furthermore, 128 GB storage is another plus point of the Surface Pro 7. So, you can store a plethora of files. The interface includes a headphone jack and USB port.

The solid 10.5 hours battery time also makes it best for use for hours. No need to lugging around extra cords in your bag in university. Fully charge it at home and enjoy using it for a whole day in university or office.

The lightweight tablet comes with a keyboard. This is an exceptional feature of a tablet. The keyboard adds convenience and you can perform your task even easier.

  • Fast speed processor

  • 10.5 hours battery

  • Keyboard attached

  • Light in weight

  • Performance drop with time because of fanless design

3. Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 – Stylus Suppored

Lenovo Flex 14

Lenovo Flex is another budget-friendly tablet for engineers that is equally suitable for anyone to want to buy for his work. The fully-fledged laptop features AMD Ryzen Vega 8 processor, 2400 MHz memory speed with 256 storage space.

The long-running tablet can be your companion in your different tasks for the long run. An exceptional feature of the tab is the presence of comprehensive protection against malware, ransomware, and viruses. 

The convenient TruBlock privacy is also a plus point of the tablet. Through this feature, you can physically close the webcam when not in use. The Active pen also helps you draw and take notes directly on the screen.

The interface includes USB c, USB 3.1, and finger readers. Moreover, you can perform all tasks including the internet browser, operating photoshop software, and playing games without battery drainage tension. Once you fully charge it runs for more than 10 hours.

  • Lightweight and portable

  • 10 hours of battery time

  • Fast processor

  • Affordable

  • Camera features can be improved.

4. Lenovo Miix 630  Windows 10 Lenovo Miix 630

One more reliable product from the house of Lenovo and is one of the best tablets for engineering is Lenovo mix. The 2 in 1 tab is awesome to have for your university projects. You can attach a keyboard to make it a tablet or detach the keyboard to use it as a tablet.

The quality and the convertible product are easy on your pocket. The screen quality, RAM, processor, and everything in between make it favorable to use for engineering projects. The tab has a screen quality of 1920*1280 HD display to give you a clear viewing experience. 

The tab supports not only wifi connectivity but also comes with LTE coverage. Thus, when there is no accessibility of internet use 4G to continue internet browsing. Thanks to Qualcomm processor to ensure the smooth processing and 4 GB RAM to help you draw, write or watch anything without freezing issue

The pretty capable device enables engineering students to go through the easily entire curriculum, with this powerful tablet. Either you want to do programming with Python, draw at AutoCAD or have to take notes with Word you can do anything conveniently.

One exceptional feature due to which most students, as well as the engineering officers, want to opt for this gadget is its 20 hours battery. Wow. Isn’t it incredible?

This means once you charge you can continue your work without taking tension battery will drain and your work will get a break. No! no worries keep on doing your work and keep your bag free of charging cords.

The support for most graphic software and apps is also perfect because of the presence of the Adreno 540 graphic processor. It means you can do your structure deigning and such other works with convenience.

  • Convertible table

  • Fast speed processor

  • 20 hours battery time

  • 4 GB RAM

  • Display bit compromising

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Best affordable tablet 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung has won the market because of its quality product. No matter which model you pick you will get exceptional features and enjoy using it. Just like other models, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is one of the best tablets for engineers. Users prefer it because the quality matches to iPad but prices are far less to Apple products.

The device comes in several configurations. You can opt for wifi only or wifi plus LTE type model. Moreover, keyboard and S pen connectivity make it perfect for you to make drawing and do assignments more easily.

The screen size of 10.5-inches, with sharpness and clarity due to 2560 x 1600 resolution helps you to view your drawings with details. The screen quality is perfect and does not only give you a perfect drawing experience but you can enjoy watching movies as well.

The fast-speed Qualcomm processor, high graphic card, and Ram all make it suitable for engineering work. Moreover, 10.5 hours of battery time also offer you a good time to use without any hassle of connectivity of tablet with cords for charging purpose.

  • Fast speed processor

  • 10.5 hours battery time

  • High screen resolution

  • Storage is a little bit less

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is a suitable laptop or tablet for engineering students?

Tablets are suitable for engineering work because they are portable. Lightweight and optimal performing. Just like laptops, they are equipped with fast-speed processors, good RAM, high storage abilities. Moreover, battery time is more than laptops.

So, why not prefer a tablet so you can easily take it with you anywhere and use it even during traveling. If you need a keyboard choose the interconvertible Lenovo 2 in 1 tab or one giving you the facility of attaching a keyboard.

2. Is there any storage issue in tablets?

Most tablets come with although low internal storage but have support for microSD cards. If you think you need to store heavy files then prefer a tablet with a storage of 256 GB with microSD card support of 512 GB.

In this way, storage will no issue and you can save a plethora of documents on your device. Moreover, opt for Google drive, dropbox, or cloud storage to get additional storage space.

3. What factors to look upon for buying a tablet for engineer students?

To select the tablet for engineers you should consider the high specs. The processor, RAM, and internal storage should be of the latest specs. It is because to do work on AutoCAD or Photoshop you need a fast-speed processor and high RAM to do the task smoothly.

Moreover, you have to check your budget. But, if finance is a problem do not go for low quality rather prefer the quality first. You can compromise on certain features but never go for a low-speed processor and low storage specs.


Finding the best tablets for engineers is no more challenging as all well-known brands have launched high specs tablets. All these are favorable for doing your work. The major difference occurs in price.

If the budget is no issue then choose the Apple iPad as the head of all tablets, but if you don’t want to spend some extra then go for Samsung Galaxy. Although all tablets listed above are highly rated, you can choose anyone to meet your engineering tasks requirements.