Best Tablets for Realtors or Real State Agents

Best Tablets for Realtors or Real State Agents

There are different tablets available in the market. But it is not compulsory that all the tablets could be used for every task. Therefore most people get confused in purchasing a tablet that could be according to their needs.

So if anyone belongs to the real state market then it is important to know for that real state agent. The best tablets for realtors explore in this topic so through this topic the realtors can choose a perfect tablet.  The realtors always have a choice to use keyboards and mouse devices with the touchscreens of tablets.

For example, some tablets support keyboards such as notebooks or pure tablets. On the other hand, there is also another tablet product available in the market such as Chromebooks. But the difference is that the Chromebook is a non-tablet computer.

Therefore the realtors to aware of the specs that need to be included in the tablet. So the realtors need to check out these specs closely before choosing the ideal tablet.

Because the realtors also have to upgrade a building according to the latest trend such as home automation. So the realtors also need suitable tablets for home automation. That has multiple features such as memory space, battery capacity, powerful processor, and screen resolution.

In this topic, different specs required in the best tablets for realtors will be explored in the buying guide.

Buying guide for best tablets for realtors

The realtors need to analyze these specs available in the tablet instead of preferring the reviews shown on the product. The specs that need to be included in a tablet are given below:

1. Tablets overall size

Normally the tablets are known as portable devices although there are some other tablets. That is considered to be more portable as compared to other tablet devices. The portability is a big concern because less portable means a large size of the screen. Although the large size screens on the tablets are good for realtors to view pictures.

But at the same time, realtors have to face difficulty in holding these large-screen tablets. Especially when there are no projectors around the realtors can use large size screen tablets. To share the pictures, designs, or videos of projects with their clients. In short, the large screen tablet devices are somehow ideal for realtors.

So when it comes to the big screens the realtors can choose tablet devices such as Apple iPad Pro that have a 13’’of large screen. On the other hand, if realtors want a larger screen then the ideal tablet would be Samsung Galaxy. This impressive tablet has a screen size of 18’’ that is greater than any other tablet device.

So using these tablets the realtors can show pictures, designs, or videos of projects to their clients. Without any projector or without connecting these tablets with a TV or projector.

Sometimes the realtors have to collaborate with the interior designers. So they also need tablets with an interior designer perspective. But still, if the realtors are concern about portability. Then there are 7’’ screen tablets available in the market that could be useful for them.

2. Tablets operating system

To be honest there is a big competition between apple and android tablets. So there is always a big dispute in the marketing that which tablets are better apple or android. Some people claim that apple tablets are better than android tablets.

Although in terms of price apple tablets are more expensive than android tablets. But in terms of quality and service, both the tablets are the same. So claiming that apple tablets are better than android tablets or android tablets are better than apple tablets.

This claim is based on personal likes or dislikes or politics in short the realtor could buy an apple or android tablet according to budget. This will not affect the quality and service required of a realtor.

3. Tablets speed or performance

Mostly a realtors business based on the performance of tablets. So the tablets choose by realtors need to be responsive and must have a large memory space. Without a large memory space, the realtors have to face difficulty in managing their data.

This aspect could directly affect the credibility of the realtors in the market. So this could ultimately affect the sales of the realtors. Now the question here is buying cheaper tablets that lack compulsory features is worth it for realtors?

The answer is not because the tablets without the compulsory features affect the credibility of the realtors. Therefore before making this mistake the realtors need to deeply think about it. How much risky can it be for them?

Because the tablets fail to meet their needs then they can lose their clients and commission as well.

4. Tablets connectivity

The connectivity is also a big concern for the realtors because some tablets support only a WiFi connection. At the same time, some tablets support both WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

On the other hand, some tablets support 4G, 5G, LTE, and WiFi connections. The realtors need to deeply analyze this aspect because this could create trouble for them in accessing the internet or sharing data with the client. 

5. Using applications

The realtors also need to choose a tablet that is up to date and could support all the latest and old application without any difficulty.

6. Tablets battery life

The realtors have to attend the different meetings or visit sites with the clients, therefore, it is compulsory. That the tablets choose by realtors must have a long battery life

Otherwise, the realtors have to face difficulty in dealing with the clients. Suppose that if you want to share a picture with the client at a meeting and suddenly the battery dies. So this could an embarrassing moment for a realtor.

7. Does it support a real keyboard?

Tablets are normally controlled through touch screens but sometimes realtors need to run the tablet through the keyboard. The choice of using a touch screen or keyboard is based on the realtor’s understanding.

Therefore the realtors must know when to use a touchscreen and when to use a keyboard. So the realtors must choose a tablet that also supports the keyboard. 

8. Tablets cost

The cost of the tablet is mainly based on the upfront of the tablets. On the other hand, the running of the tablets is low to zero.

Except for the few charging coppers therefore the realtors need to choose a low-cost tablet. Without compromising their requirements as it is important for their business.

Top 6 best tablets for realtors

So in the previous section, we have deeply explored the features compulsory for the best tablets for realtors. Without understanding the importance of these key features the realtors won’t be able to select the tablets according to their needs.

In this section, the list of the 6 best tablets for realtors is shown






Apple iPad Pro (Offers 12.9’’ touchscreen, 512GB and WiFi)


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6


Fire HD 10 Tablet


Dell Latitude 12


Google Pixel Slate


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet 

1. Apple iPad Pro (Offers 12.9’’ touchscreen, 512GB and WiFi)

Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is quite useful for realtors in terms of quality and service. One of the main features of this tablet is the large screen of 13’’. At the same time, the performance of this tablet is unbelievable as it offers a large memory space. More than a terabyte so the realtors don’t need to worry about managing their data.

Moreover, the audio results of this tablet are outstanding as compare to any other tablet. Like we discussed in the buying guide connectivity is a big concern for realtors while choosing tablets.

Well, luckily this tablet offers a USB-C connection that is a compulsory need for realtors. Another impressive quality of this tablet is the long battery life this promises the realtors 100% performance.

Honestly speaking these are important features of the tablet especially if the realtors have to attend lots of meetings in a single day.

Well unfortunately like any other tablet this table also has a drawback. But you would be glad to know that it is not a concern with the quality of service of this tablet.

At the same time, you would be frustrated that it is a concern with the price. Yeah right although the quality and service of this tablet are quite impressive. But unfortunately, it is also costly as compared to other tablets.

So the realtors have to buy the apps directly through the apple store which is quite expensive. Thanks to Tim Cook.

So in short the realtors don’t have much choice for choosing an affordable app in terms of cost. Therefore if a realtor has enough budget then he can buy the tablet. At the same time, any realtor working for a Real Estate company can request the company to buy one for him.

  • Offers too many features as compared to other tables
  • Too much costly as compared to other tablets

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Bluetooth 5 enabled)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6


Well, this tablet comes with a keyboard hybrid 2 in 1 design which means it also supports the keyboard. Any realtor reading this must be thinking that why do I need a keyboard with a tablet?

Yeah, it is right that the realtors don’t always need to use a keyboard most of the time use of a touch screen would be enough. But sometimes the realtors need to type more faster in these situations touch screens can’t be much helpful.

Therefore the realtors have to use a keyboard connected to tablets instead of touch screens. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 also comes with a stylus that can be used to sign a virtual document or sketch.

But the drawback of this tablet is that even though it is magnetically attached to the tablet. It is slightly loose more importantly the realtors can adjust the storage according to their budget. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 also comes with a 10.5 screen and a WiFi model of 256GB.

As mentioned in the buying guide the connection is a big factor in choosing the best tablet. It comes with the latest version of Bluetooth such as Bluetooth 5. The important feature of Bluetooth 5 is that it supports connections available at a longer distance. And transfer tons of data by consuming low power.

  • Comes with a keyboard hybrid 2 in 1 design. Impressive audio quality
  • Small in size and expensive

3. Fire HD 10 Tablet (Slim and lightweight)

Fire HD 10 tablet


As compared to other tablets the Fire HD 10 Tablet is quite simple to use. In terms of portability and cost, it is quite friendly. Due to its portability, this tablet is also lightweight and slim.

Due to the low cost, any realtor can afford this tablet as it is known as one of the popular brands. Although the screen size of this tablet is quite short such as 10’’and offers a resolution of 1080P HD.

Therefore due to the small screen size, the realtors can not use this tablet for presentation tasks which ultimately affects their credibility. At the same time, the memory space of this tablet is also around 32GB which is quite short.

Due to this realtors have to face difficulty in managing their data unless they pay more to get a more compatible model having 64GB of memory space.

  • Only useful for small group presentations and cheap in price
  • Can’t create a professional realtors content

4. Dell Latitude 12 (Design for Rugged Places)

Dell Latitude 12

Different tablets in the market have different features and can be used for different purposes. Similarly, the Dell Latitude 12 is the best tablet known for its ruggedized feature. Well, now you must be confused what do I mean by ruggedized feature?

Don’t worry it is not that hard to understand as you can see that not all tablets can survive in an extreme environment. For instance, a realtor doesn’t need to always attend to the client in good-looking offices or houses. Some time realtors have to attend clients virtually or face to face on building site in progress.

So under this extreme environment, it is quite difficult for any tablet to survive or give its 100%.  So the realtors need tablets for outdoor use that can survive under extreme conditions. Luckily the Dell Latitude 12 is ideal for these hard conditions.

As it comes with a screen size of 12’’ and can give its 100% against grit, knock, dust, odd bump, and moisture. The further outstanding specs of Dell Latitude 12 include a large memory space based on 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

Its other features include GPS functionality that can be used by realtors for different purposes. Therefore Dell Latitude 12 is a blessing for realtors working on ongoing construction projects.

  • Work under those conditions where most of the tablets fail
  • Can be useful only in extreme conditions and can’t fulfill other needs of the realtors.

5. Google Pixel Slate (Come with 2 in 1 design and 12.3’’)

Google Pixel Slate

In this article, we have discussed the apple and android tablets. But our article is not complete without discussing the Google tablets. So in this section, the features of the Google Pixel Slates tablet will be explored. 

The reason for selecting this tablet from google is its hybrid 2 1 design functionality. This tablet includes lots of features for the realtors as compare to other tablets for realtors.

One of the main features is its portability including a laptop-style keyboard. Therefore the realtors can write some outstanding content through this tablet more quickly. On the other hand, the size of this tablet as compared to other tablets is bigger than the normal size.

The most important thing is that this tablet offers a good display at a cheaper price although it is still not good as Apple tablets. This tablet also supports Google docs, slides, and sheets way more smoothly. So the realtors can write plenty of content using this tablet without facing any difficulty.

This tablet also comes with a pen controller although the use of this tool is optional for the realtors. Therefore the realtors can use this pen to sketch different designs for their clients. Instead of drawing with a pencil on a single piece of paper.

  • Offers a clear display
  • Has its capabilities but can’t be as capable as the Samsung and Apple tablets.

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet (Support Windows App)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet

The final tablet of this topic is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet. As it can be seen that it is a Microsoft product based on the Windows 10 operating system. Therefore this gives freedom to the realtors to use any Windows application such as Excel, Word, etc.

Now some of the realtors must be thinking that why do we need a windows tablet? Well, the answer is quite simple most of the time the use of Excel, Word, etc on other operating systems. 

Such as Apple, Android is not quite impressive therefore using Excel, Word, etc on the windows operating system will be quite comfortable for the realtors.

  • Support windows apps as compare to Apple and Android
  • Most people only want tablets for presentations therefore they don’t prefer Microsoft


After exploring all the six best tablets for realtors there is no doubt that is no doubt that in terms of features and cheap price. Google Pixel Slate can be ranked first place as one of the best tablets for realtors. Although the standards and features of Google Pixel Slate are not as compatible as Samsung or Apple. But still, it is an efficient tablet.

On the other hand, based on the features and cheap price, it can be said that Samsung comes in the second place. The reason is that the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is small compare to the Google Pixel Slate.

Similarly based on the features and cheap price the Apple iPad Pro can be ranked in third place. The only reason for that is the high cost although the features of this tablet are much better than any other tablet.