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How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to an Android tablet

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to an Android tablet

Using a tablet with a touchpad can be a breeze and very easy to use. But sometimes you need a keyboard for typing purposes or for making drawings.

Touch typing is fun but there are certain limits. Thus, you need a physical keyboard to use with Android. Especially if you are getting Microsoft office installed in your tablet, you need a keyboard.

If you want to use the keyboard with an Android tablet but don’t know how to connect it then here we have a complete guide for you. Here is present a step-by-step guide to connecting a Bluetooth keyboard with an Android tablet. There are various ways to connect the tablet with the keyboard. These are given below

Connecting it with via OTG cable

If you have a keyboard that supports both Bluetooth and cable connectivity then it’s best to use a USB OTG to connect the Android device and keyboard through this small gadget. The latest devices and some devices that are about two to three years old support this technology. It is very easy to use. Simply connect one head with Android and the other with the keyboard to start performing your typing tasks.

Once you connect you can use the keyboard for page up age down and use shortcuts to operate your tablet.

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Connecting via Bluetooth

Bluetooth keyboards are the latest type of keyboards that you can easily connect with your Android tablet. These offer convenience in typing and playing games. The light, portable and reliable gadget is awesome to connect with Android and utilize its features. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard but are struck in connecting with your Electronic slate then don’t worry. We have a solution for you. Have a look over it.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth
  • The first main step is to turn on the Bluetooth of the keyboard as well as the Android.
  • Let your keyboard search for the nearby Android device
  • Android also allows it to search the nearby device
  • You may see the pin option. Enter the pin you see on your keyboard to proceed with the pairing step.
  • In this way, you can pair both devices
  • This is a simple and easy way to connect the Bluetooth keyboard with Android tablet.

Points to Ponder

  • Make sure the Bluetooth version of the keyboard is compatible with the Android tablet
  • Check your tablet has a Bluetooth connectivity option
  • Keep both devices near to each other to ensure a smooth connection.

You should consider all these factors while pairing the Bluetooth keyboard with the Tablet. In case if you are not able to connect the keyboard with your tablet then it means there are certain issues.

Common issues in connecting Android tablet with Keyboard

It is very easy to fix the Bluetooth connectivity issue. Before you try to resolve the problem it is essential to know the problems. You might be facing the following connectivity issues

If your Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t connect with the Android tablet then it means the tablet is out of reach of your keyboard or the pairing mode is off.

Moreover, you may not connect the keyboard with Tablet because there is a problem in the setting. You can reset your device or restart your device.

Check either Bluetooth is on or not?

Bluetooth keyboard is not always ready to connect. It automatically shut off Bluetooth if not paired for some time. Therefore, if you are not using the keyboard but you just want to use it and find it’s not connected then don’t worry, check the Bluetooth connectivity. Tap on the Bluetooth icon and pair it with your tablet. Tap on the Bluetooth icon and open settings to connect it successfully with the keyboard.

Check the range of the keyboard

Bluetooth devices need about 20 feet gap to pair with each other. You should check the distance of the keyboard supports. Although for the keyboard, and Android tablet, you just need a distance of one foot or less as you have to work with both devices. But still, you need to check if there is some range issue, bring keyboard nearer to tablet to connect both devices.

The Bluetooth devices that are close to each other connect well. If you’re having issues, try bringing the devices closer together.

Check The Synchronization Of Devices

One more factor that may cause a delay in connectivity is the synchronization issue. Sometimes it happens, if your tablet is connected with other devices like headphones, it may not connect to the keyboard. You have to first disconnect from headphones and then connect your keyboard. In case if your tablet supports multiple devices at one time then you won’t be having such an issue.

Reset Your Connection

If all the approaches discussed above fail then it means your device needs to be refresh. For this, you should restart your device and then establish the Bluetooth connection again. Moreover, you can rest by tapping the icon “Forget this device”. After that again strat pairing and it will definitely connect.

These are few hacks you can apply when your tablet does not get connected with a Bluetooth keyboard. You should make sure that your both devices are compatible with each other. Otherwise no matter how many tips you follow they won’t work.

One more thing make sure the battery of your Bluetooth keyboard must be more than 10% charge to connect with your Android tablet. Plus, your tablet must have a Bluetooth keyboard drive to operate the device smoothly.

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Final thoughts

Connecting the Bluetooth keyboard with the Android tablet is a super easy task. You can easily pair both devices. In this way, you can perform your task of typing and draw conveniently. Follow these steps, and things to remember to easily resolve the query that, how to connect Bluetooth Keyboard to Android Tablet.