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How do drawing tablets work?

How do drawing tablets work.
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In the past, artists used to draw designs in traditional ways. But with time, things have changed a lot like the use of gadgets such as tablets in different fields including drawing have increased.

So any beginner artist needs to understand that How do drawing tablets work? Before using any tablet to draw an outstanding art.

With the help of drawing, tablets can draw art even more quickly as compared to other devices. Such as laptops or computers therefore drawing art for the artists has become super easy.

So unlike the computer or laptops, beginner artists can easily draw different designs by simply using the touchscreen.

Although the drawing tablets could cost hundreds of dollars it gives the users complete control over what they are drawing.

What is a Drawing tablet?

Most of the users must be not aware of the fact that the term tablet is used for both drawing & graphic tablets. The working of the drawing tablets is quite simple it can be used through a regular pencil or pen.

The only difference is that it has an in-built sensor used to detect the applied pressure during drawing. So when the user presses the screen of the tablet very hard with the pen or pencil then it will recognize it as a high-level force.

On the other hand when the user lifts off the hands or the pencil or pen from the screen then it recognizes it as a low-level force. So through this process, the user can easily add any line in an image.

Difference between Graphic Tablets & Drawing Tablets

As compare to the Graphic tablets the Drawing tablets come with a pen which allows the users to take down notes. On the other hand, the Graphic tablets offer other additional features so the user could erase or highlight any part of the design.

On the other hand, the user can also measure and align different sections of the design through the ruler feature of the Graphic tablets. The important part that any user must know is that the user can only access these features through different third-party software.

The thing that makes Drawing tablets different from Graphic tablets is that they can be connected to the computer through a wireless connection. At the same time, it also offers a stylus so the user can add or edit different designs on graphic software directly.

On the other hand, the cost of Drawing tablets is less than the Graphic tablets although the minimum cost of a tablet ranges from 50-200 dollars.

How do drawing tablets work?

In this section, the proper working of the drawing tablets is discussed. One of the main features of the drawing tablets is the stylus which will also be discussed in detail.

1. Understanding a drawing tablet

Like every other tablet, the drawing tablet also has three main components that need to be understood. These components include base, screen, and sensor pad; therefore using these basic components the user can draw designs more efficiently. In this section, we will analyze these three components in a depth. 


For any drawing purpose, the screen size is a must requirement for the artist. On the other hand, a large screen with a resolution of @1200×1024 pixels can make the image look sharper.

In short, the drawing tablets must have a high resolution so that the artist could design more sharp designs.

Sensor Pad

The sensor pads are the most important component for the user as it is used to detect the tip of the stylus. When it touches the screen this could directly affect the performance of the artists to add new lines in the design.

On the other hand, there are only two types of sensor pads that can offer a quick response to the stylus. This includes Resistive & Capacitive sensor pads although these sensor pads are quite expensive; as they are prepared separately by different suppliers.

But if the user wants a sensor pad at a more reasonable price then the user could go for the Optical pads. Although the performance of the Optical pads is quite less effective as compare to the Resistive & Capacitive sensor pads.


This is another important component of the Drawing tablets; as it holds the entire tablet including its internal components, power supply & screen.

2. Know the Stylus

The stylus is a very important component for the users as it can be used to interact with the drawing tablets. So the user must know the shape, durability, texture, size, and material of a stylus.

When it comes to durability and material the user needs to know the minimum life of a stylus. Some of the artists like to use pens made of wood or rubber instead of plastic. But unfortunately, the life of the stylus made of wood or rubber is quite short compared to plastic.

At the same time, the weight, shape, and size of a stylus also matter when it comes to drawing. Due to the heavy-weight, irregular design, or tiny size the user won’t be able to hold on to the stylus. This will create a horrible effect on the drawing capabilities of the artist.

On the other hand, the user also needs to understand that a stylus with a bad texture could also affect its drawing. As it belongs to the roughness of the surface so if the stylus has way too high or low roughness then this could also be a problem.

3. Adjust the pressure sensitivity

The user could also adjust the pressure sensitivity of the stylus as mentioned above. If a user applies too much force on the screen then the strokes of the line become thicker.

Simultaneously if the user applies a little amount of force on the screen through a stylus then the stroke of the lines will become thinner.

4. Start by choosing a software program

For beginner users, it is recommended to start with Photoshop and then start learning illustrator, Manga Studio 4 Pro & Corel afterward.

5. Keep practicing

In the end, after choosing an ideal software program it is recommended that the user keep practicing. It is wisely said that “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Tips to select an ideal drawing tablet

Like every other professional artist also need to know the basic requirements to select a drawing tablet that suits their needs. In this section, we will discuss some of the main tips to select suitable drawing tablets.

1. Pressure Sensitivity

This is one of the main features that users need to evaluate in every drawing tablet. As it allows the user to draw smooth curves by avoiding rough edges. Most of the drawing tablets have there owned pressure sensitivity settings that suites their needs.

2. Resolution

The resolution is one of the prime needs for the users to draw design especially if the user is a professional. Therefore the higher resolution of a drawing tablet means a sharper image. On the other hand, drawing tablets with low resolution would be a horrible experience for the user.

3. Touch Screen Capabilities

Most of the tablet doesn’t provide many capabilities of a touch screen so the user could select only one object at a time.

On the other hand, some drawing tablets offer a variety of touch screen capabilities such as multiple touches. Therefore using this feature the user could select multiple objects at a time which is quite useful for any artist.

4. Size

The size of the touch screen is also a big concern for drawing tablet users. So bigger touch screen could offer outstanding results as compare to the small touch screen.

5. Responsiveness

The drawing tablets also need to be quick to respond by just a slight touch otherwise it could affect the efficiency of the user.

6. Stylus Type

The stylus is a very sensitive part of a drawing tablet as if the user puts too much pressure on the touch screen through the stylus. Then it could damage the drawing tablet on the other hand a much light pressure would result in inaccurate strokes.

There are around three different kinds of stylus rechargeable, electromagnetic resonance, and battery power. All of these three kinds of stylus are quite costly for the user but their performance is quite impressive.

On the other hand, the user has to charge the Rechargeable stylus pen after every few hours. At the same time, the battery-powered stylus could last long but isn’t much compatible. 

Similarly, the electromagnetic resonance stylus could make magnetic fields by interacting with the magnets found inside the drawing tablet.

7. Control

The user also needs to understand all the controls of the drawing tablet through the user manual. Before purchasing a drawing tablet for personal or professional use.

8. Advanced Features

The user also needs to understand the advanced features of a drawing tablet which include automatic erasing, tilt sensitivity, and auto-rotation. Before purchasing a drawing tablet for personal and professional use.

9. Battery

The battery life is another important feature of a drawing tablet for any user. The recommended battery capacity for any drawing tablet ranges from 4000mAh to 7000mAh.


After evaluating the whole article it is clear that the user could draw different attractive designs with the help of the drawing tablets. Thanks to its touch screen and various other features; therefore, users just need to choose a drawing tablet with affordable options and start drawing.

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