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How long does a tablet battery last? Steps to Improve Battery Life

How long does a tablet battery last

If you are one of those people who are more connected to their tablets or devices than your friends and relatives. Is your tablet more than an electronic device for you? The tablet is your whole world as it allows you to play games, surf the web, zoom meetings, and online classes. After Covid – 19, our interaction with digital devices became more with our family. 

Picking a tablet with best battery life is a smart choice as you don’t need to charge it again and also not bother you while doing or even watching movies. Now here comes the real question: how long does a tablet battery last?

The average lifespan of any android tablet battery is about 3-4 years according to different surveys. With time and usage, the battery started losing its life and you will experience slow working features along with lagging problems also sometimes hanged display often.

The applications may also become incompatible with the tablet’s work preface. Sometimes they give you a tough time working with them.

Just imagine you are about to start your work or taking online exams and having a zoom meeting or another case where you have your online exams. Maybe it’s a Sunday when you are sitting on your couch and about to watch your favorite series on NetFlix and then you find out that your tablet has run out of battery. Even though you just scroll it for Instagram and Facebook or do browning a little bit during the day.

A tablet with my battery life is never convenient moreover reliable, you can’t rely on a tablet that can ditch you any time. Some important tips for storing and improving your overall battery life have been provided to you in this article.

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Steps for improving battery life and performance overall

1- Proper Placement Of Tablet

The one thing which is commonly overlooked but is one of the reasons for battery drain is the tablet placement. The 

Tablets need to be placed in a cool place; otherwise, the heat from the surroundings builds upon the battery and then drains it.

2 – Avoid overheating

Excessive heat escalation means overheating on a battery may also cause it to expand, after that it interferes with the tablet’s functioning and then creates problems in the electrical prologue as well.

3– Charging Duration

The biggest contributor to battery life drainage comes from the most common and believed myth that you can probably over-charge your battery if you leave it for a long time.

Fortunately,  this era has been passed as when the Lithium-ion batteries were used and they would straight-up blast due to overheating.

Now, the batteries are replaced by Lithium-polymer batteries, which is a better variant of the antecedent. Li-Po batteries are more robust which helps in decreasing the chances of an explosion.

These batteries combined with their shorter charging duration and ability to retain charging capacity better than Li-ion, This is called a winner.

Do you know all the latest tabs that claim long battery life spans have their battery composed of Li-Po? You can also check the specs of their gadget for this particular factor before purchasing it.

Once you’re purchased it does try switching off and Bluetooth tact when not in use. Please don’t keep the brightness of your screen up unnecessarily high.

You can even switch off your tablet to energy-saving mode but close it to have the maximum performance experience.

4-Turn off your location services

Your tablet gives your location to an app via location services. Unfortunately, this whole process does demand a lot from your battery, while even a lot of apps can also manually determine your location if necessary. Just swipe down from the top of your screen and then tap on the location services icon to turn off location services.

5.Turn off automatic synchronization 

The automatic synchronization of applications takes a lot of battery power. Generally, this automatic synchronization isn’t necessary. You can even turn this off or just adjust it to save battery. Just swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap the synchronization icon to turn off automatic synchronization.

Following these factors help to store your battery and not drain it before 3-5 years. 

However, the problems such as excessive overheating, even off-time usage of the tablet slow and also changed work-preface, and quick day-to-day charge drainage occur; it’s the confirmed time for a replacement.


Can the tablet battery be replaced?

Yes, The replacement of the tablet battery is only possible and is associated with the model. If your model has a removable battery, then it can easily be replaced. As the best Samsung tablet for business Galaxy tab can have its battery replaced easily, using the battery replacement kit you can even buy online.

The iPad users are not able to initiate this process themselves. As they would need to for a service request on Apple’s site or in-store. Apple suggests that you get your battery replaced if its battery health drops below 85%.

How can we know if the tablet battery is bad?

Yes, The only way to know this is by monitoring your day-to-day battery life. While the battery health might be below 50%, if you are satisfied with the battery life, there is no need for a replacement. However, if you feel like the battery quickly drains and that is not compatible with your work, you can go for a replacement.

Which tablet has the longest battery life?

The main reason why Apple is expensive is because of the high technology they provide to us. The tablet with the best battery life is  Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular provides the most extended battery life amongst all the other tablets and laptops that have been tested. If you are seeking a pocket-friendly option, go for Lenovo Tab 4 8 as it is equally excellent for gaming and working with outstanding great battery life too.

How often should we replace our tablets?

After battery life, many features are needed to be considered for replacement decisions such as features like network, preface, memory size, better speed to run programs must be considered as well. Keeping in view all these options, the main suggestion is to replace your tablet every 3-4 years. This is also the general time around which most battery life drains out.