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Easy steps for how to calibrate Wacom tablet

how to calibrate Wacom tablet

We all are living in an era where we are connected to digital devices more than our own families. We spend a lot of our time on digital devices especially after COVID -19, being aligned to technology and having awareness about digital devices is necessary. 

Advancement in technology and innovation provided us with so many opportunities and also made things smoother and fast. Having a good digital device is a smart choice, we have so many options in the market including pocket-friendly options for every genre. 

For graphic designers, there are many options such as the best drawing tablet or if you are purchasing a tablet for business purposes you can check out our collection of tablets for interior designers

In the category for the best comics-drawing tablet, we have a known option which is the Wacom tablet, the main concern for this article is how to calibrate the Wacom tablet. This article helps you to know the exact method of calibration.

Before using it as an input device, the Wacom tablet as a touch screen calibrated the screen mapping and possibly its color profile. If you are using Wacom Cintiq for graphic designing then it is important before starting any work to calibrate the colors.

An input-related issue is faced due to the viewing angle and distortion of light as it is passing through the glass. The Wacom drivers have settings for screen mapping, and for color calibration, it has a color calibration tool that comes with software for calibrating the colors automatically.

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Steps for Calibrate Screen Mapping

Step 1

The first step is to visit the Wacom site to download the latest drivers for your tablet. After the installation of the drivers, click on the control panel, open the Wacom Tablet Properties by selecting “Small Icons” from the “View By” menu.

Step 2

Open the Tablet menu and Select your tablet, after selecting “Grip Pen” from the “Tool” menu. If you are using an earlier tablet, you don’t have these options so select “All” from the “Application” menu.

Step 3

The third step is to click on the “Mapping” tab and choose “Pen” from the “Mode” menu, then enabling “Force Proportions” to map your tablet’s active area to your monitor. This option helps to transform the lines and shapes you draw so that they will appear consistent regardless of your monitor’s dimensions.

Step 4

The fourth step is to select the “Calibrate” tab from the “Grip Pen” menu. Note that this option is only available for Cintiq tablets as they do have special calibration requirements. if working with multiple monitors., Choose your display from the “Monitor” menu 

Step 5

The fifth step is to click “Calibrate” and then hold your pen and tablet in a natural position. The tablet displays calibration crosshairs on its touch display and touches the crosshairs’ center using the grip pen. After touching the center of each pair of crosshairs you have to click “OK” to confirm the calibration.

Steps for creating Cintiq Color Profile

Step 1

The first step is to install the drivers included with your color calibration tool, after that connect the tool to a USB port on your computer. Remember that the method for calibrating colors varies somewhat between tools, usually, it follows the same pattern of placing the tool on your monitor and running the calibration software.

Step 2

Step two is to launch the calibration software and read the onscreen instructions. After prompted, place the calibration tool on the monitor, by aligning it with the guides displayed by the software. Colour calibration tools include a counterweight for balancing the tool on your monitor, also if you want to lay the Cintiq flat on a table for this step, hang the calibration tool from the tablet’s top edge.

Step 3

The final step is to click “Calibrate” or a similar option to start the calibration process, the process usually takes about five minutes. After calibrating the colors, you have to enter a name for the color profile, and then click “Save.” The profile is saved in the Color system folder inside the Windows directory on your C drive.

Steps for calibrating the stylus


For drawing purposes, you have to press the pen top directly on the tablet surface. The pen is pressure-sensitive and it can provide a denser color or thicker line the harder you press.

Moving the cursor

For moving the cursor, just hold the pen slightly above the tablet surface without touching it, move the pen.

Selecting an item

For selecting an item, just tap in the item once with the tip of the pen.

Moving an item

For moving an item, select the item, then slide the pen tip across the tablet surface in the direction wherever you want to move the item.


For double-clicking, just Quickly tap the screen twice in the same place.


Does the Wacom tablet come with extra nibs?

Yes, there are several inside the pen base. For changing the nibs you need to unscrew the bottom of the pen base to take it apart and there are many extra pen tips inside of it.

Do the Wacom tablet nibs wear out easily?

No, you just need to be careful and another option is that you can use the other end of the pen. It isn’t able to give you a fine line but it’s great for filling in.

Why can’t I calibrate the pen on Cintiq pro?

Yes, you can calibrate your pen easily by following the guidelines just make sure that you use the full Cintiq resolution after that reset driver settings in Wacom Desktop Center then calibrate it. It recommended holding the pen perpendicular for best results that should always be exact in the middle of the screen.

How can we set up the Wacom one tablet?

Yes, you can easily set up your tablet by following these steps, first Connect the Wacom tablet to your computer, which connects HDMI to your computer, and also ccoconnectstssSB to your computer. Plug into power, then connect to Wacom one and lastly turn on the Wacom one.