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how to charge a tablet battery directly?

how to charge a tablet battery directly

Do you have a tablet but your tablet charger is not working? Are you looking for a solution to charge your tablet battery quickly?

Want to know how to charge a tablet battery directly? If yes then you are landed in right place. Here you can get a complete guideline about charging the tablet battery directly without any hassle. You can do it by following the methods given below.

To avoid the situation to occur always do some research before buying a tablet and find the Tablet with the best battery life. In this way, you can avoid problems with batteries. 

1. Making a connection with wires

One best way is to take out the tablet battery from the tablet and power up it by using the wires. For this, you have to use the old wires or if not presently buy a new or unused wire to make the connection. The cord is used for making a connection.

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Point to ponder

For using this strategy, you should be aware and don’t touch naked wires while you have connected to the switch.

Try to check the temperature of the battery

Don’t let it overheat as it may cause an explosion. If such a situation occurs immediately switch off and don’t use this technique.

2. Connecting tab battery with other battery

One other reliable way to charge a tablet battery directly is to connect the tablet battery to another battery. For this, you have to cut the wires and take off the insulation.

Now attach the naked cables to connect. The method is ideal for charging two batteries.

3. Use of universal charger

Using the direct charging method is not advisable as you may get an electric shock or your tablet battery may get damaged. Therefore, you should apply some other techniques. We have some methods for you. Let’s have a glance at them.

You can use the universal charger to charge a tablet battery directly. For this follow the steps given

  • Press the cover-up to expose the two metallic terminals. These are positive and negative.
  • Fix your battery to terminals. On connecting you may hear the sparking sound. You should make sure that terminals should match the battery terminals or ends.
  • Close the desktop and plug the universal charger into the electrical device or socket.
  • To ensure that is the charging is going on you will see the red light. On complete charging red light will turn into green light.
  • This is the easiest way to charge the tablet battery.

Things to remember

To prevent any damage, make sure you should connect the right terminals. Making a wrong connection will also lead to damage to your battery.

5. Use of USB

You can use the personal computer to charge the tablet as it seems easy yet it somewhat tricky. You can use another method to charge the battery directly by using a USB wire to charge the tablet directly.

Although using the USB will not indicate the level of the battery yet it is a safe method as compared to the methods described above. Moreover, the charging is also slow.

You may have to wait for some extra time as well as serve your extra effort. To charge the tablet battery directly without extra wastage of time you can follow the steps given below.

First, take the compatible USB cord and connect it to the computer outlet.

After connecting the switch, the device mode to sleep mode. It will enhance the current flow and your table will charge correctly as well as quickly. Moreover, switch on the power mode as it will help in charging the tablet.

Point to ponder

To have efficient charging of your tablet you should make sure to use the chargers with good USB plugs. It will help in charging the tablet effectively and is less likely to affect your tablet battery.

6. Use of AAA batteries

Another effective way to charge your tablet battery is using AAA batteries. For this, you need to access the connection points on the battery of the tablet. Make your AAA battery is compatible with the tablet battery.

  • Pull out the tablet battery by applying some pressure in the right way. You can do this on Android and Windows tablets but not on Apple products.
  • Before connecting you should ensure that the battery must have the appropriate amount of voltage of amperage otherwise it may potentially damage the circuit.

When connecting be sure about the positive and negative connectors. Plus, the positive connector must be close to the edge while the negative one should be on the farthest from the edge. You will see three or four connectors. The sides are for connecting the terminals while the middle one ae for regulating temperature and other functions.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Are all the USB-C to USB-C cables the same?

No not at all USB-C cables are equal. The USB stands for the shape and type of connector which is the same for all the USB-C cables. But the problem is that not every cable supports the same kind of protocols and transfer speed. For instance, to use a Thunderbolt 3 product from Akito, a Thunderbolt 3 cable is required.

Final verdict

These are few ways to charge the tablet when your charger is not working or you have lost your charger. You can use these methods effectively.

You should be careful while using these techniques as the wrong connection may create a fire burst, generation of extra current, or damage to your battery. So be careful and try to use the alternative charger. Borrow from someone or arrange it as soon as possible.

But if you find no other option then you can use these reliable methods but only with care. Now you have learned how to charge a tablet battery directly you can use any method and stay stress-free.