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How to Charge Bluetooth Headset without Charger?

How to Charge Bluetooth Headset without Charger

Bluetooth chargers are convenient to use and entertaining gadgets you must have. With a Bluetooth headset, you have the freedom to carry your device without any hassle with long wires and chargers. If you own a Bluetooth charger and want to get rid of charging cables, you should know tricks on How to Charge Bluetooth Headset without Charger.

Steps on How to Charge Bluetooth Headset without Charger

Now in this section, we will discuss the steps to charge a Bluetooth headset without a charger. The solution is simple. The gaming headset and other such headphones can be charged by the following methods given below.

1. Check the compatibility of the headset

The first step about headset charging is knowing its compatibility with any charger. The latest technology Bluetooth headsets can be connected with a laptop or power bank with the help of a USB to charge them. Yet, there are other models present that need a specific charger to power up again.

Thus, it is difficult to charge them with any source. Therefore, it is essential to check the compatibility. After that, follow the next step to charge the Bluetooth headset without a charger.

2. Check the charging source

Headsets that need no charger to be charged need a USB cable or HDMI cable to boost up the power. For example, the best VR headset with HDMI input needs an HDMI port and cable to be charged without a charger.

If you don’t have cable. Don’t worry; simply remove the cable from your phone charger and connect one head with earphones and the other with the USB port on your laptop or power cable.

3. Making a connection with USB

To charge a Bluetooth headset, you need a data cable. Use the end and connect with a USB port or universal serial bus port. Make sure your laptop is charged enough to transfer energy to the headsets.

Plus, you should use a cable that has no wrinkles and must be functional and compatible with your headset. When you are sure that the cable you have will work well with your headset, connect with a device like a laptop or any other having a USB port.

4. Charging with laptop

Connecting your headset with a laptop will help to charge the Bluetooth headset. Even the computer has to charge about 20%, and it can deliver power to headphones effectively. If you have a long cable, you can continue working or taking conference calls without hassle. Your headset will stay in charging, and you can continue your work.

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How charging without a charger is beneficial?

Charge Bluetooth headset without charger adds convenience. It is because you don’t need to plug your headphones in the socket. You simply connect with a laptop or computer device and continue communicating with another person. There is no chance of loss of communication.

Things to remember

A laptop or power source must be fully charged. Otherwise, it may not be able to charge the headset efficiently. You can connect your headset to a tablet, smartphone, and desktop computer.

There are many cables available that have USB heads present on two sides, so you can disconnect the charger to leave one end with a USB connection. There are available different USB ports, so it’s important to check compatibility with the headset and the devices you are using.

Most headsets need a 3.5mm port as it is the standard connection you can check either you can use that particular port or any port with special connection features to charge a Bluetooth headset.

1. Battery timings for Bluetooth headsets

Most high-tech and latest Bluetooth headsets offer good backup time. The battery lasts for 30 hours. So, if you want to stay hassle-free, then it’s good to buy the best headsets with excellent sound delivery and long battery life.

2. Use of power banks

 Another best way to charge a Bluetooth headset is to use power banks. These are suitable for travelers because you don’t need to open your laptop; rather, a small gadget will help you charge your device. The charging timings depend on the usage of the headset.

If you are using it along with charging, then it may take some extra minutes. But, if the headset is not in use, it will take just a few minutes to get completely charged. Moreover, if you are using your headset at a high volume will also increase the charging time. Thus, the charging time all depend on the usage of headsets.

3. Point to ponder

To charge Bluetooth headset without charger with help power banks, there is a need to have a compatible power bank. You should check the following key features before connecting headphones to the power bank. Make sure the capacity is enough to charge your headset.

Powerbank capacity ranges from 200mAh to 10,000mAh. Thus, you first have to check the battery size of the headset and its compatibility with a power bank. Next, you have to be sure that the power bank is charged enough to charge your earphones.

Last but not least, you should have a data cable that is compatibles, and you can connect with your headset and power bank. All these factors are important to consider; otherwise, you will not be able to charge your headset efficiently.

4. Charging time of Bluetooth headset

To charge a Bluetooth headset without a charger takes about 2 to three hours. Headsets come with a light that switches on when you connect with a USB port and switch off when the battery is fully charged. This notifies you to unplug the cable from the port.

When you are using the headphones for the first time, try to charge them for 30 minutes only. It is because now headsets have somewhat charged in them. Therefore, do not overcharge to avoid any inconvenience or charging problem in the future. Be careful and assign according to instructions given in the manual of the headset.

Final verdict

Bluetooth headsets are comfortable and convenient gadgets. They free you from any cable hassle. You can quickly move here and there without any issue with wires. They are not only easy to use but easy to charge also. Even if you don’t have a specific charger for the Bluetooth headset.

Then your other devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops, and power banks can be the best source to charge your earphones. You only need to have a compatible USB cable or HDMI cable.