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How to get internet on tablet without WIFI?

How to get internet on tablet without WIFI
  1. The use of a Tablet is meaningless if it does not have an internet connection. Therefore, if there is no wifi a person hun for a source to connect the tablet with the internet.
  2. There is no need to worry if you have no wifi
  3. One can use Bluetooth tethering to connect internet
  4. Data connection is another wonderful option
  5. Use a dongle that supports ethernet cable.

How to get internet on tablet without WIFI?

Are you using a tablet and doing your important work? But you are worried as wifi connection is week and you are unable to do web browsing? If yes, then no need to worry as there are available certain methods that will help you to get internet on a tablet without wifi. These are very easy ways you can get access quickly. If you are wondering that how to get internet on a tablet without wifi? Then we have an answer for you. Get the solution from here and stay stress-free

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1. Use of Dongle

Using the dongle can be a wonderful way to provide your tablet with internet juice. You can buy one spare dongle and get it to recharge when required. It will continue your work when the wifi connection is lost. Before you use this method make sure your tablet has connecting port. If your tablet support dongle connectivity then its mean problem is solved.  You can directly connect the dongle with the port and get internet access.

There are other dongles available that work with an ethernet cable. You can connect these tiny gadgets through Bluetooth or a USB type C wire. Moreover, you can use the Micro USB charging port for connecting the dongle.

How to connect a dongle?

In order to get internet on a tablet without wifi, you have to follow the simple process.

The dongle comes with plug and play interface. You don’t need any software to install to initiate the setup. Simply connect the dongle to a USB port or with an ethernet cable to have internet access to your tablet. This method is known as the efficient technique and offers you fast-speed internet.

The only drawback of the technique is that you have to keep a dongle plus wire in your bag all the time to get internet on your tablet.

2. Use of data connection

Don’t have a dongle? Or you don’t have time to go to the market to buy the dongle? Then one more way to get internet on a tablet without wifi is the use of a data connection. The method is suitable for tablets that have data connection support. Such tabs come with built-in support for the sim card. You can unlock the device and insert the carrier sum.

Thus, there is no need for any extra dongle or wire. You simply have to take a data package to fulfill your internet usage need.

The one drawback of using the data package method is that it is expensive. It requires a lot of money to have the required data package. Plus, not all tablets are supportive. You need a tablet with a data connection feature to utilize this method.

However, if your tablet supports the data connection feature, that it can be a good choice as it offers relatively fast internet speed and better terrify. Furthermore, it is a convenient way, as you don’t need to carry an extra dongle and cable with you.

3. Bluetooth tethering

The third method that will help you get an access to internet connection is the use of Bluetooth tethering. You can give the internet juice from your phone or another internet-enabled device. The option is available on phones and laptops. So, you can get sharing of the internet to continue your work.

How to connect via Bluetooth tethering?

To make the active connection first make sure connecting device that is a laptop or smartphone has a fast speed internet connection.

  • Now enable the Bluetooth of the laptop
  • Enable Bluetooth tethering in your tablet.
  • Pair both devices to start sharing the internet.

The internet sharing process is very simple but the only drawback is that the speed of the internet is slow on your tablet. Therefore, to continue your work your laptop or sharing device must have an appropriate amount of internet so you can easily do net browsing or another task conveniently and without slowing.

4. Cable tethering

This is a somewhat older technique yet effective enough to help you finish your work with speed. For this, you need an ethernet cable to make a connection. You have to connect the laptop to the tablet. Before you make a connection make sure your tablet supports this feature. Android and Windows come with this feature so you don’t need to worry about it. If you think where you are sitting there is no internet access so take help of your friend or colleague. Pair your device with the laptop ad keep on doing your work.

Points to Ponder

  • If there is no wifi access prefer the method that will give you the appropriate speed of internet juice.
  • If you are using an ethernet cable make sure the cable is straight and there is no bend in the cable as it affects the speed of the internet.

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These are the four simple and quick ways to get internet on a tablet without wifi. You can use any of these and keep on doing your work without any hindrance.