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How to open exe files on an android tablet?

Open exe Files on Android

Here is the way to open exe files on your tablet:

  1. The exe files are awesome that help to run your apps
  2. There are two methods to open exe file on an android tablet
  3. One is DOS box and Inno setup extractor
  4. Get any of these apps to have exe files on the tablet to run your favorite app.

Introduction to exe file

The executable file is the staple of modern programs. It is considered as the doorway to the windows platform. This is an ideal thing that you must have on your tablet to enjoy the game, developing program, or any other app conveniently. If you are searching for – how to open exe files on android tablet – then we have a solution for you.

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What’s Exe

First, understand what is exe file is and know how to open it on your tablet. .exe file is the record name of the weatherapp.exe. it is an extension in your computer to shut it.

Android tablets have an inbuilt .exe reader but also support .exe subscriber’s software. You can install any exe file from the Google Play store. It is essential to understand the file and the way to run exe on such devices.

Many Android Smartphone users utilize the windows exe programs that will assist in running apps. This is an ideal solution to run certain windows apps on a tablet and do your work smoothly.

Methods to open exe files

There are two methods to run exe files on the tablet. These two are described in detail. Let’s have a glance at it.

Method 1 (DOS Box)

DOS Box is the common and easy method that you can use to download the app. The DOS box is the app that opens the command line on an Android tablet. It is simple and the same as in Windows. To open the exe file you have to press Windows plus R and type in CMD. You can apply the same method to the tablet. You will find different DOS boxes in the Google Play store. You can go for a free box that offers additional features.

To utilize the DOS box for opening an exe file follow the steps given below

Downloading DOSBox

First, open the Google Play store and download the DOSBox. After that install it and continue for the next procedure.

Getting access to DOSBox

After that put the exe file in a folder and then access it inside the DOSBox program. Then provide the title using a descriptive title to have proper navigation.

Open exe file

Open the DOS Box program. From the typing filed “cd\Title of Your Documents.” When you are using the folder for a tablet then you should be like “cd/Tablet”.

When you enter the file name, the control prompt understands it and informs DOS of the file you are searching for.

Another example for utilizing the DOSBox is entering the weather.exe, then the control should be cd\weather.exe”.

Point to ponder

Remember you have to write .exe at end of your file name even when the tablet doesn’t reveal it. The addition is essential because DOS will not detect the file without the presence of an exe file. If you use the “ exe “ with the file name it will install the file successfully.

Method 2 – Inno Setup Extractor

This is another important yet fastest method you can use to open the exe file on an Android tablet. You can apply on different models of Android tablets and devices to run the apps.

  • To get access you have to follow the procedure given below
  • Open the Google play store and download the Inno Setup extractor
  • Install the program and transfer the .exe files to your tablet
  • Transfer the .exe files to your tablet
  • Now open the app and detect to start the .exe files.
  • Now you are ready to run the app accordingly.

Isn’t it an easy process? Simply you have to make sure your tablet has specs to install the app.

Just like DOSBox before writing a file name don’t forget to write. Exe. Otherwise, it will not detect your file. Moreover, you have to follow all the steps to avoid any inconvenience and successfully open the exe files on an android tablet.

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