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How to set up tablet for osu?

How to setup tablet for osu

There is a big craze found among gamers – especially for osu in the last couple of years. However, sometimes users have to struggle a lot and start tearing hair while searching on how to set up tablet for osu.

Lucky for you Myusamart is here for you; as in this article we’ll discuss some of the steps that will make setting up the tablet for osu… super easy!

Configuring your Tablet the Right Way

Unlike other silly games, you’ve ever played on the best tablet for pokemon go, clash of clans, or hearthstone. It takes whole a lot of effort to make your place among the top players of the osu. Plus your performance while playing osu will largely depend on the cursor movement.

Therefore you’re going to need the most accurate cursor movement throughout the game. By syncing it with your wrist movement – more efficiently. However, for excellent results, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve configured the device options… in the right way!

Moreover, the way the game cursor behaves with your hand movements could directly impact your performance throughout the game; as the game depends upon how fast and accurate you’ve been.

As a beginner, it might be hard to find suitable options at the start. Especially if you have no idea – what the game is about.

Although it would be more dependent upon your personal preferences. Because every game player likes to play games with different resolutions, mouse and keyboard options. Therefore it’s very to know how to set up tablet for osu.

Well, the best part hasn’t started yet. So stick with us to find the best beginner tablet options that’ll suit best with the osu.

Tablet Mapping

Here the most important factor you should be concerned about is the tablet mapping; as the osu is very sensitive to its configuration as compared to other games. However, the best way to configure the tablet is through the tablet-specific app.

I hope it won’t be surprising to you as you can see every tablet manufacturer creates an app. So that the users could customize the tablet later based on their needs.

The best part about it is that it could allow you some specific options. You won’t even find in the tablet-specific in-game options… such as tablet mapping!

Generally, the tablet mapping means what area of the tablet you use compared to the whole screen. As you can see the smaller tablet mapping used by you the smaller will be the area that is covered on the screen.

However, you might some of the users prefer to use the full area. This means they’re going to have the whole tablet surface while playing osu. Under this scenario, most of the users also increase the sensitivity as well.

Therefore you’ll have determined which configuration will suit you most all by yourself and then stick with it.

Osu Resolution and In-game Options

Well, there is no doubt that the tablet-specific app offers you most of the configuration options. There are still some recommended options such as native resolution. You can only have it through the game options.

The native resolution of the osu runs at the monitor resolution by default. However, the osu community prefers other tactics to have the best performance throughout the game. For instance, most of the osu players recommend using the resolution 1600 x 900 pixels @ Windowed Mode for better performance.

Though It might sound nerdy to you. But you’re going to have the most accurate gameplay and best performance while using the tablet… by using this ratio and resolution!

On the other hand, some of the players prefer 1920 x 1080 pixels borderless resolution; to see the notes in a better way. So after exploring such options it comes to the player to decide which options suit him the best.

Now let’s check out the standard configuration for osu gameplay to avoid any complexities:

  1. First of all, ensure that you have a sensitivity of x1. Here you’ll have to configure the tablet cursor movement via the tablet app and leave the sensitivity at its native level. However, to use the tablet app effectively your tablet drivers must be up to date and stable as well.
  2. After that just turn the raw input on. Generally, the raw input is could directly impact the performance of the mouse or a tablet. Anyhow in the case of tablets, it makes the game extra fast; as it starts reading values directly from the hardware without having any post-processing. Therefore it’s strongly recommended to turn it on before starting the game sessions for best performance.
  3. Now turn the OS Tablet PC support OFF. While you’re playing the game keeping this option ON may cause some adverse events; as tablet clicks might pass through the overlay into osu!
    This could ultimately result in bad accuracy and performance affecting the game experience as well.

Therefore if you’re a beginner to the osu it’ll be better to use these configurations. Until you explore the gameplay enough to make configurations as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can OS Tablet PC support harm my gameplay if left on?

Well, friendly speaking the osu community is still not sure whether it could endanger gameplay in other games or not if left on.

However, you might end up with some unexpected harmful event so turning it off would be far better. On the contrary, if you’re so much pleased to figure it out then feel free to try it.

Could playing at my native resolution harm my gameplay?

Most of the osu players like to play the game @ normal monitor resolution. At the same time, other several factors need to be counted before selecting the best resolution. This includes wrist movement and having a smaller area with a bigger mapping.

All of these factors with resolution could ultimately contribute to the success throughout the game. However, you’ll have decided on your own which resolution suits you best during the gameplay.


In the end, the important thing you need to know is that the best way to play osu is simply – by hovering the pen above the surface of the tablet. If you’re not used to it you can drag the pen.

However, we won’t recommend playing on full screen; as the majority of the players have a complaint about the bugs, regardless of the model of the tablet. So if you follow the mentioned steps properly it won’t be hard for you to set up a tablet for osu… anymore!