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What is palm rejection stylus?

What is palm rejection stylus
Written by khubaib

Today people are making the most out of their tablets or smartphones by writing on a touchscreen like it’s a sketchpad all because of the palm rejection stylus. Now you must be thinking about what is palm rejection stylus?

What Exactly Is Palm Rejection Stylus

A palm rejection stylus is software smart enough to differentiate between a stylus or a fingertip and a palm or a wrist – to “reject” any unwanted contact. So the software could easily determine whether the inputs are intended by the user or not.

Therefore the user would be rewarded with a smooth and consistent digital experience… almost similar to its analog equivalent!

How Palm Rejection Stylus Typically Works

Generally, the touchscreen of any tablet or smartphone works around two technologies used to detect contact. One is the inductive resonance while the other one is the capacitive current detection.

On the other hand, the touchscreen stylus majorly depends upon the inductive resonance – capable to translate any detected pressure into the brush strokes. While the capacitive sensing detects the pressure applied by any human finger on the touchscreen.

Therefore if the right software is used then the digital writing, sketching dream of graduate students and interior designers could become a reality; as the touchscreen would be able to use both technologies simultaneously.

Why Software Can’t Deliver Perfect Palm Rejection… Single-Handedly!

As you can see the palm rejection stylus is simply an end decision made by the sophisticated algorithms develop to make some educated guesses. The performance of these algorithms is far better than expected recording only intended finger or stylus strokes.

Anyhow, everything needs to be changed after some time similar thing applies to the palm rejection stylus software as well; as a time will come when the errant palm will fool the code and wreak havoc on your work.

Now to solve it out you’ll have to make some changes in your software and fix these mistakes which will cost you – one way or another.

Five Amazing Benefits of the Palm Rejection Stylus

Well if you’re an average person who likes to write or draw stuff on the touchscreen with a stylus or even using a finger then palm rejection stylus has some compelling benefits for you.

1. Reduced Wrist and Elbow Strain

Before the palm rejection stylus was even introduced. People often end up unnaturally contorting their arms to avoid any unintentional contact with the screen – while using a tablet or smartphone.

This could even result in joint pain and doesn’t work most of the time as well. However, with the help of the magic of algorithm-based palm rejection, the users can now write more efficiently.

Plus the benefits aren’t limited to normal people; as this innovative technology also brings lots of benefits to people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome… until the software rejects unwanted inputs accurately!

2. Superior Results on the Digital Page

While writing or sketching on the tablet or smartphone screen you’re going to need a complete focus. Because a continuous palm impression interference could make any writing or sketching tasks nearly impossible for you; it’s an unnecessary distraction that is always there for you.

On the other hand, the palm rejection stylus is a core functionality of any product that has a direct impact on performance.

Therefore if you’re sick of out-of-place line fragments, random marks where they don’t belong, or writing recognition. So palm rejection could be the ultimate solution for you.

3. Quicker Turnaround Times on Projects

Making changes from time to time take lots of effort and time that could seriously impact the workflow throughout the day. This could be very frustrating whether you’re an architect, graphic artist, or other professional.

Lucky for you the palm rejection stylus ensures that you make the most of your time on the job by making you more efficient and productive all day long.

4. Enhanced Touchscreen Longevity

Most of the first-tier tablets such as iPad and Galaxy Tab S you’ll find in the market have the best touchscreens with a finite lifespan. Moreover, the oleophobic coatings that come in most of these tablets can help with the glare and accumulations of oil and dirt as well.

Unfortunately, even with such accurate software at a certain point all of those styles and finger strokes could cause a touchscreen to malfunction or fail.

This leaves us no choice except to use protective screen gear; as it’ll delay the inevitable as far as hardware failure is concerned – especially if you want to use it for a longer time.

5. A More Enjoyable User Experience

As we’ve seen palm rejection could make touchscreen writing and sketching far easier and smoother. So you could have a more enjoyable user experience without even tearing your hair out while using the touchscreen.

Stunning Alternatives to Software-Based Palm Rejection

Well as we discussed earlier the performance of the palm rejection algorithms doesn’t remain consistent for a long time. Therefore you’re going to need some passive physical barriers such as digital art gloves and Palm Coasters.

Using this stuff you’ll be able to keep the palm and wrist away from the touch screen + it’ll also take the palm rejection to the next level.

What do we need to look for in Palm Rejection Accessories?

While purchasing a palm rejection glove there are several things you might want to count. For instance, the best palm rejection glove must be soft and based on a resilient material with the right thickness.

At the same time, the palm rejection glove must be well balanced; having space to stretch and breathe. Though the lifespan of the palm rejection glove is very short; as it’ll keep getting thinner with every single stretch. Still, the palm rejection glove designs must also be based on a breathable fabric in such a way as to transport air for cooling and prevent skin irritation.

On the other hand, the Palm Coaster could prove to be a unique alternative to the glove; as it resolves many issues you may have with gloves. Plus it also offers lots of benefits — boasting a surface material that’s soft yet easy to clean.


In the end, we could conclude that the palm rejection stylus is quite an effective software – especially when it comes to writing or sketching on a sketchpad.

Though the performance of the palm rejection stylus can’t remain accurate for a longer time. Still, it could be improved by using gear such as a palm rejection glove or Palm Coaster as mentioned in the article.

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