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What is the difference between WIFI and 4G tablets?

What is the difference between WIFI and 4G tablets
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Tablets are awesome devices as they help you to get the benefits of both laptop and mobile. If you are going to buy a tablet but are confused about the connectivity feature and want to know what is the difference between WIFI and 4G tablets? Also, want to understand which one is suitable for you then for your convenience we have listed complete guidance about each connectivity feature.

Although tablets with 4G and WIFI both are the best you have to check your suitability. You should decide after knowing which one can meet your need. Let’s find out the difference between WIFI and 4G tablets so you can easily decide which one is best for you.


Sim system

The tablet that supports just WIFI does not offer you the support of the sim. Therefore, you can do only net surfing, browsing, watching movies, and playing online games. But you cannot communicate with fellows through certain apps that need a telephone number. Therefore, it is the drawback of such a tablet. Yet you can use Viber and WhatsApp to stay in touch with your fellows.

In contrast, the tablet that supports a 4G LTE system helps you to use mobile data where there is no WIFI access especially during traveling or in public places. Thus, through 4G supported Tablet you can enjoy using the internet with both WIFI and 4G.

Availability of 4G access

The performance and availability of 4G vary according to country and area. According to research coverage of 4G in the US is about 80%while its 53% in the UK. There are still some countries where there is no access to technology. The average speed also varies. It’s 10Mbps in the USA while 15Mbps in the UK.

Moreover, performance is high in the biggest cities while it may less in towns and villages. Thus if you are interested to buy the tablet with the 4G feature then you should first check the availability, speed, and performance. Otherwise, you may not able to utilize benefits.

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The price difference between WIFI and 4G Tablets

One more factor to look upon before buying the tablet with 4G technology is to check the price. Various brands are available that offer both WIFI and 4G technology or with WIFI only feature.

The tablet having LTE radio technology is 20% more pricey as compared to simple WIFI only tablet. For example. Apple iPad air charge $130 more for the 4G technology tab as compared to that offer only WIFI feature.

If you are in the mood to spend extra money make sure you need it and there is available 4G technology in your area. You should not waste your money if the 4G coverage is not so good in your region.

Data cost comparison

As compared to WIFI internet data package is expensive. It is useless to buy a 4G tablet if you don’t take the data plan to use it. You have to take a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription to enjoy internet surfing through 4G technology. the packages are expensive and you get limited usage.

For example, if you need about 26 GB of data in the month you have to spend $20 extra to use it conveniently. Therefore, spend on the tablet keeping in mind your budget.

In contrast, WIFI packages are far cheaper than the 4G. So you should utilize the WIFI where it is accessible and use 4G where you find no access to the WIFI. In this way, you can save your GBs as well as money.


4G tablet is known for its convenience. It is because you can use the internet anywhere at any time without fear that there is no connection.

Either you have to attend a meeting outdoor or want to enjoy watching a movie during traveling, 4G access can be a breeze for you. You can sue in schools, institutes, and public places where there is no WIFI and you can use 4G.

Battery consumption

It has been observed that 4G use more tablet’s battery power as compared to WIFI tablet. When you keep the tablet data on it keeps on catching signals and the capturing of signals consume high power.

Thus, this drains the battery quickly. For example, on keen observation researchers found iPad Air shows a 10% shorter life as compared to the use of WIFI.

Security Considerations

Using 4G in public can be more secure a sit is a private connection and no one can use or hack your data. In contrast by using public WIFI show security considerations. As there are chances of accessing your tab data via public WIFI connection. Moreover, your tab may also cause bugs and that may be harmful to your device.

Final verdict

If you want to know that what is the difference between WIFI and 4G tablets then first check the presence of 4G technology in your area and your traveling needs. After that know your budget and dosage.

If you have to use more in public places and price is no problem for you then you can prefer 4G technology. Otherwise, WIFI can be a more good option for you a sit si cheap in price, required less cost for WIFI, and offer unlimited download options.

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